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  1. Thanks is there anything I need to do with all the goo inside the valve covers other than just clean them out?
  2. This is what I found after removing the valve covers. So the heads are cracked correct? Are there any other issues that could cause this?
  3. No I have not, I'll have to check. But thank you, I wasn't aware they had multiple suppliers, I thought all the 706 heads were by castech.
  4. Hey everyone, so I have an 05 1500 Chevy Silverado, I have heard that the 706 heads generally go out around 140k miles and I’m sitting at 138k. wanting to get ahead of the break, I’m looking into replacing my heads. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what heads and or brands of heads to put on? Can I get 706 heads that aren’t castech? thanks in advance and sorry if this is a dumb question I just started working on this truck the past couple months.
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