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  1. 2017 SLT Sierra , issues with radio intel link at times no power . If I pull fuse and reinstall it works fine for a while . Drive truck shut off and then restart inter link no power . I pull fuse and reinstall and all works great again for a while . Issue only at times.. loosing power and have to pull fuse to reset. I did the battery and inter link blue plug trick with unplug also , no difference .
  2. 2017 Sierra SLT, having issues with radio inter link screen. I have to remove radio fuse and put back in to get it to work . Once it’s working if I shut off truck and let sit for few minutes radio inter link again no power . I disconnected battery , I unplugged blue interlink radio plug under glove replugged and nothing. If I unplug radio fuse and replug radio inter link starts working fine . But after shut off and let sit no power again and have to unplug fuse and replug again. Can anyone help with this issue ..
  3. So I own 2017 Sierra 1500 SLT . I purchased the OPT 7 Redline Triple tailgate light bar with the tow hitch plug adaptor and the module. I don’t want to splice any wires, so I bought the adaptors. Was told that I need the module since I have rear camera and sensors. I haven't installed it yet, but was wondering if anyone has done this already? I’m trying to figure out If there is a way to solder the reverse wire of the light bar to the plug tow hitch adaptor center pin. Was told that the center pin on the tow hitch adaptor controls the reverse lights. Maybe there a way to pull out the center pin and solder the light bar reverse wire. Any help would be greatly appreciated . Thank you
  4. Looking to install a rear Tailgate light bar on my 2017 GMC Sierra SLT. My truck is equipped with factory tow hitch and sensors. I saw a topic on here but it was for the 2019. Any advise for the 2017 and best plug and play that will work.
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