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  1. The Start/Stop feature doesn't mess up the engine per se. But the starter in every vehicle only has so many starts in its lifetime. When you drive to the store, for example, you'll start your vehicle maybe 2 times. If you have the Start/Stop feature activated, your vehicle may shut down and start back up at every stop sign and red light on your way to and from wherever you're going. This constant restarting of your vehicle uses up the available starts your starter has in it's lifetime thus reducing your starters life. The feature that supposedly messes up the engine is the Dynamic Fuel Management (DFM). That has been linked to the seized lifters and bent pushrods many V8 Silverado/GMC owners are having. The problem is when some of the cylinders are deactivated during DFM they aren't getting lubricated. So when these cylinders get activated again, after not getting lubricated, they seize up and fail. As far as I'm concerned, they can take both DFM AND Start/Stop features and stick them in the trash bin of stupid ideas.
  2. Hello everyoone, I am just completely stumped here. In February I got a new 2021 Silverado 1500 Custom. I love it! The one thing I don't like is the low sitting driver's seat. I have wasted over $200 trying ideas to add height to this seat including butt pillows (UNcomfortable), brackets (always too short, holes don't line up, etc), the latest is the spacers. I get them delivered to find out the bolts that come with the kit are too fat and won't screw into the holes in the track! I go to Home Depot, Lowes, Harbor Freight, AutoZone, NAPA, Pep Boys looking for bolts that fit but are about 4 inches in length - nothing! I'm stumped! Can anyone help me thats been successful in heightening the driver's seat? I'm 5'11" but still can barely see some of the hood. Help please.
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