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  1. Hi guys & women, iv got that 2010 GMC Sierra 5.3 still and got a new problem with the 4x4. My 4x4HI got stuck on recently and so I read up about cleaning the ground cables I replaced the actuator I replaced the dash knob and the yesterday I replaced the transfer car control module and that instantly put my truck back in 2 wheel drive. BUT the lights on the knob are still only coming on for 2 seconds then it goes out and I still have “service 4x4” message on dash I took to the dealer yesterday and had them reprogram the new module but it didn’t make any difference and I told the service guy about the lights on the knob going out and he just said it cost $145 to diagnose the problem. So before I have to do that I’m hoping someone on here can help me, thanks
  2. Hi, I was changing my knock sensors and as I tried to take one of them out it basically fell apart the hex part came out but everything else stay in there and I was trying to get the pieces out but it’s just breaking more and more any suggestions on how to get this out or at least getting the part with the threads out? It’s a 2000 gmc 1500 5.3
  3. I was hoping it wouldn’t be the diff but I agree with you that would probably be a good idea. If it’s the differential wouldn’t that cause both wheels to lock at same time?
  4. I have checked and I am NOT stuck in 4x4, I recently replaced both cv axles, but while doing that I noticed the driver side time is really worn on the inside as I’d I have negative camber adjustment. But in January I replaces my rack&pinion and then took it to big o tires for alignment. When I drove off their facility I went across the street and thats the first time I felt this happen so I went back to big o tires and told me to leave my truck and they would recheck it the next day. So the next day I picked it up and the problem was still happening. They said thats the alignment was as good as they could get it. I have paperwork that shows all the adjustments made and what they were before they touched it as well.
  5. Hi, I’m new to this site and hoping to get some help. I have a 2010 GMC Sierra 1500 4x4 and when i turn either direction to leave from being parked sometimes one of my wheels lock up and it will skid on pavement but it will continue to rotate til it gets back to the same spot and will skid again until I straighten the wheels.
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