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  1. Just got off the phone with the tech that did the rebuild. He said that when he initially called it in to GM, that their Techline knew exactly what the issue was, which has to do with some teflon seals that must be resized to fit...etc. (A known issue). Which now makes more sense since he showed me an exploded pic of the Allison before they dropped it and had an arrow pointing to a specific seal area.... The work order though was showing a total of 9 seals and one line item was a kit. I am thinking the tech that did the rebuild probably did a better job than the initial line builders. This guy
  2. The issue becomes....is there something cast improperly within the trans, or, was it just a bad set of seals from Allison, or even during assembly done poorly. With a vehicle barely 1yr old, paying almost 80K for what should be the best-of-the-best with the Duramax and Allison (not to mention wife and I burning 3wks of vacation for nothing).... Leaves a sour taste BUT we love the AT4. Think about being stranded 1500miles from home..... Would you attempt a long trip again. (Whole different ballgame). Could have turned out much much worse had we continued out of Gallup NM up to Moab and the tran
  3. Just returned from a 10mth planned lifetime trip that never happened. About 1500m from home (w/only 17K miles) the Allison started a slow trans drip. Ended up needing a pull a rebuild of seals and stranded in a RV Park for 18days. Made it home fine, AT4 ran excellent but honestly unsure of the safety for any future trips. ANY SUGGESTIONS on how I might go about recovering the total loss for the trip. (Planned 10mths, my 65th bday Out-West trip with family that never happened). Honestly shocked it happened to what should be a tank of a vehicle. FYI.... Trailer only weights 6000lbs
  4. Sadly on the 4th day of a 20d trip, 1500m from home our AT4 developed a trans leak at the tail of the Allison joining the xfer case. Only 17100m and the trans is being dropped in Gallup NM. Fluid is weeping between the case join then forming a slow drip. (10months of planning and a few thousand $$ blown on what we expected to be the last thing to ever cause an issue) This is NOT any of the reported line leaks... pan gasket and such. Our local dealer in Loganville offered zero assistance (eg. where we could take it..... nothing other than sorry to hear).
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