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  1. I had to replace a driver side headlight. This required that you pretty much disassemble almost the entire truck, including the optional battery tray, the wheel well shroud, the entire grill assembly and the top part of the bumper ... AND the windshield washer reservoir bottle. All done, all parts replaced. But now the WASHER LEVEL SENSOR says there's "NO WASHER FLUID" .... but it's completely full. Need to identify WHERE this sensor is ... and beat it with a large hammer till it works again. But I can't seem to get the bottle OUT now. All top bolts are out. Can't see another one. I need ADVICE as to WHERE that final bolt is under the bottom. I see just ONE bolt, but it doesn't SEEM to have anything to do with the water bottle. If I take that bolt out, the engine just may fall out. HELP!!
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