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  1. Hello , I got my 17 high country about month ago and I’m trying to figure out or get any suggestions on why my truck in the rear is making a noise. I will drive the truck over speed bumps , turn left or right , or when I’m turning to back up in a parking space, I will hear almost like thumping noise, clunking noise just going until I stop or almost sounds like the spare tire is rocking back and forth. I dropped it off to the dealership , they told me it was the inserts in the leaf springs but I’m wondering if anyone has dealt with this and maybe it could be something else. They told that the inserts in the leaf springs were on backorder with no eta , which I don’t know why they just won’t change out the whole leaf spring. Thank you
  2. Hello I would like to get a couple suggestions or answers on my 2017 Silverado High country 6.2L , I just purchased it about month ago. When I first brought it , I had horrible vibrations on the steering wheel while hitting the gas slowly at low speeds and highway speeds. Dropped it off my dealership , they replaced torque converter, valve body and new trans fluid. I received it back and everything shifts normal , no more vibrations on low end or high ends speeds. Only problem I’m having now is if I do a quick stop/ go , you can feel the car jerk when applying gas at that low speed almost feeling like it’s banging in a low gear and if I go over speed bumps and hit the gas slowly , it almost feels like the truck throws me/ jerks me. If I come to a complete stop then take off , it won’t happen at all. It will happen here and there no always , must at quick stop/ go or going over speed bumps. Thank you
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