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  1. Sorry all. I've been away on business for a bit. Thank you for all your input. This clarifies a lot of question marks I had. Now it's time to take a few different configurations for a spin and complete the "feel" evaluation. Besides, the used car value/market is completely out of control (high) at the moment, so exercising a little patience is probably a good idea honestly. Thanks again.
  2. Long lurker, but first post. I’ve done quite a bit of educational reading here on many threads and wanted to inquire on something. I’m in the market for a 14-18 Silverado or Sierra 1500. Ironically, I have an opportunity to score a very nice, almost ridiculously nice, condition 2014 6.2 SLT with the max trailering package (3.73) and acceptably low mileage. It has almost all, minus a few not so important, options I’d like. 2014 is really the only way to get one of these trucks w/o getting the 8 speed, unless I’m mistaken, so between that, age/mileage, and certainly factoring in the max trailing pkg, such a combo is difficult to find. Plenty of options exist to get the big motor in 15-18 trucks with the 8 speed, with max t pkg if necessary. Now, I don’t know that I’d go so far as saying that I prefer the “smoothness” of the 6 speed relative to the 8 speed but in our Yukon XL SLT (5.3/6 speed), honestly it offers a rather pleasant city and highway driving experience lugging around the kids. Mind you, we aren’t racing it with the kiddos onboard. It’s not quick, by any means, but it does the job. I’d want more in a truck, thus the 6.2 thinking. Now, I’ve driven 5.3 + 8 speed combos and other non GM > 6 speeds, and they always feel jerky to me when doing simple cruising around town. I don’t feel it matters much on the highway, honestly. At elevated speeds, the feel difference is minimal IMO. I have NOT driven a 6.2/8 speed….yet. The general consensus in my reading here is that the 3.73 ratio in the 6 speed really makes the 6.2 come alive - several threads about towing (which I don’t do a lot of), quickness/fun-ness (important to me), etc. In addition, one might even say some feel the 8 speed should be avoided, others say just jump to the 10 speed. Opinions vary. My question is, given the 8L90 issues, short lifespan relatively, etc does it make any sense to specifically consider an “older” 6.2/6L80/3.73 vs a 2015-2018 6.2/8L90 combo? Or have a lost my mind completely due to information overload? My primary concern is long term durability/reliability. Obviously, I don’t want a train wreck, and first year roll outs in a series always make me a little nervous even though the truck in question literally has been near flawless across its life. Curious what you connoisseurs and those having more experience in all these combos might do here - consider the 6.2/6L80/3.73 purchase, re-focus on a 6.2/8L90 - with or w/o NHT (I think is the code), or sit tight until a 6.2/10’s come into my budget a year or so from now?
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