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  1. Thanks Bob for you troubleshooting notes! I have the same problem on my 02 Silverado. I cleaned all the horn switch contacts, rung out the wires, and upon checking for 12 volts in the well, where I assumed the voltage would come from, I had not voltage? I turned the wheel to different positions and discovered voltage would come and go. So, Your problem is very similar to mine. I guess I will be replacing the turn signal/multifunction switch. I also discovered that the horn switch plunger went through the clock spring, so the clock spring has no connection to the horn.
  2. Well, guys its been a while since I replied. Boy, has is it been an ordeal! Against all the great advise I opted for the more economical tire, I went with BF Goodrich. Less than 3000 miles on them and 5 balances later I finally, got a smooth ride out of them. I was begining to think I had a faulty new tire. I was convinced after this balance,and it did not smooth out, I was going to email the company and demand a new tire. I believe now they are going to be ok, but it's hard to believe it took 5 times to get a smooth ride with no shimming. The next set of tires will be Michelin. I don't know if it was the tires themselves or just incompetence on the guys attempting to balance the tires. I guess I will never know. But this experience makes me want to stay clear of BF Goodrich.
  3. Yeah, maybe your right. They are a 40,000 mile tire vs. a 70,000 mile tire, but your talking $100 less per tire, too!
  4. How many miles do you guys have on your tires and have you always bought Michelin?
  5. Thanks Guys, I going to try and get a quote for the Michelin. I always wanted to try them. I will keep you informed.
  6. I currently, have Goodyear Wrangler ST P235/75R16's,on my 2002 Chevolet Silverado 1500. I started noticing a vibration this week. I took it to my tire store and they said, time for new tires. I looked up my records and have about 65000 miles on one pair and 54000 on the other. I don't even remember what the rating was on these? Anybody know? Now to get to my question, What is the best tire to run on this truck. Mostly, highway and commuting to work and back.

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