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  1. Heard back from the new gm dealership today. First thing he pointed out was that cylinder 3 had misfired 7384 times! and others but no so much. His master mechanic was running more diagnostics after hours to try and get to the bottom of what is going on with the motor, but had confirmed that there is some major issues going on with it.
  2. Okay so I did check the oil. Nothing abnormal. Coolant seems like it hasn’t leaked either. I haven’t pulled the the cover to check the bolts yet. No when I say it got worse it loud enough to hear knocking while driving. Plus seams to have lose of power if you do drive it. Oil leaks are new. The motor was always dry from when we had bought it. It has been 8 months. All the seals and gaskets for motor are new. Honestly only things not replaced internally are oil pump, crank, rods and rockers. Oil pressure at idle is showing less than 20 now also. You hear it all the time cold start warmed up driving. Tomorrow Ill try to take a another video. Thanks to all that have responded.
  3. Now since this I have gotten it back from the garage sounding worse yet. Stating that it’s just piston slap and is fine to drive. That it will not cause anymore damage .
  4. Garage came back and said it’s piston slap . Which to me does not sound anything like it. No issues before. Reason I replaced the pistons was it was smoking and the rings wore worn. Figured just to replace the pistons as well.
  5. Thanks for the response. I was told by garage that they put oem trays in when they put new lifters in. When they put new pistons besides me asking they did tell me that they measure and check all the cylinders. Wether they did hone it or not I have no idea. All this work was done by my local Chevy department. Not if Dan of them just by how they responded to most of my questions. I haven’t determined which cylinder or do a compression check yet. Smoke is heavy white from what I could tell.
  6. Hello so I’m coming here because I’m at a loss. So purchased an 08 suburban with the 6.0 had 180k on it. Engine ran smooth no issues back in April. Since then the lifters were replaced pistons/rings and all new gaskets/seals. First the lifters ran beautifully after getting it back for about a week or two then started smoking. Took back to the garage they went over everything they did and then did another oil change. Two weeks later smoking again. After all that took it to a Chevy dealer and they came to the conclusion that the oil rings were shot. So at that point I just had them put new pistons in as well. Didn’t make it home and went into limp mode 16 miles into the drive. Got it home they didn’t hook everything up. Did it myself but something still didn’t seem right. Motor was all but completely rebuilt on both bottom and top end. Took it back with video of what I found and they went back over “everything”. I didn’t mention this was all done under warranty. So the warranty company made them check everything over while the motor was apart. Vehicle still smokes (not nearly as bad) and now has acquired this horrible bottom end tick/knock. Not 2500 miles later. Any help would be appreciated.
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