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  1. Thanks, I understand that and expect that. According to amsoil's website and a reference post on this site, the total capacity is 22.1 quarts on these trucks. I've run across 14.4 quarts on several forums/sites and service kits for sale that say 14.4 quarts for the standard service(drop pan, new filter). I'm not really worried about that. Out vs in amount was similar and I followed the procedure for running it up to temp and checking the capacity, so I know it has the right amount in it. Just seems odd that sites say 14.4 quarts for a drop pan/new filter/fill when it takes about 9. Anyway, I am in need of the torque spec for the fill plug if anyone has it. For now I just tightened reasonably tight.
  2. Hey all, I've got a 2021 3500 with the Duramax in it. I screwed up my transmission pan getting high centered. It got pretty mangled, lucky I didn't puncture it to be honest. So I ordered up a new pan, 15 quarts of fluid and a new filter. I followed the steps to fill it and run it up to 167 deg and and check the fluid level. It only took about 9ish quarts. Is that about right? What came out was roughly in that ball park too(I filled the quarts up with the old fluid to get an idea of how much to put back in before trying to check the level). Why does everything say it takes 14.4 quarts if it only takes 9? Seems like a big discrepancy, other than all the info I can find is for the 2020. Does that take more? Also, the one torque I couldn't find is for the fill hole bolt. Anybody know what that is? Thanks in advance!
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