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  1. I have talked with a few CHP's and get mixed results from them. I would fell I would be better off fighting it with a judge in California being a liberal state and all.
  2. FYI I am in California but moving soon. This is what I was thinking of replacing the jump seat aka middle seat with a center console and do my best if I get pulled over in a HOV lane.
  3. I want to remove the third seatbelt because in one main stretch of freeway near me, you need three people in your vehicle if you have three seatbelts for the HOV lane. Its only me and the wife so if I remove the third seatbelt I would be able to drive in the HOV lane with 2 people and 2 seatbelts. If I remove the third seatbelt.(middle one) will this affect my air bag system at all?
  4. I have a 2018 Silverado standard cab with a fold down console, my question is can I just unbolt the stars bolts that hold the middle seatbelts in place? Will I need to disconnect the battery before I start or can I just take them out and have it become a 2 seater?
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