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  1. Has anyone installed, or heard of anyone installing, a oil catch can being installed on these 3.0 duramax diesels? I’m thinking of getting one and installing on the tube that goes from cam cover to turbo.
  2. 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 crew cab short bed built in Mexico with a rear slider equipped. So far no leaks but very few miles on it.
  3. Interesting, did you know Blaster just came out with something called surface shield? I actually picked up a gallon of Blaster surface shield as well as Woolwax and Fluid Film, we have two vehicles and I have a tractor and ATV I plan to spray so it'll all get used one way or another. The surface shield is getting some great reviews on youtube so I think I'll start with that, Blaster seems to make good stuff. https://www.amazon.com/Blaster-128-SS-Surface-Shield-1-Gal/dp/B09HGL5R58/ref=sr_1_2?crid=S7RUFG4ZTLE1&keywords=Blaster+Surface+Shield&qid=1640054939&sprefix=blaster+surface+shield%2Caps%2C136&sr=8-2
  4. For those of us who are not very knowledgable about suspension part names can you include a photo of the area you did this work to? I am about to spray a product similiar to Fluid Film under my truck and want to avoid this area too...
  5. Just picked up a 2022 AT4 with 3.0 diesel and I want to undercoat my truck as I live on a dirt road and in Michigan, this means the truck will get copious amounts of salt/sodium chloride/brine/etc on it both on the dirt roads after resurfacing as well as all winter long on dirt and paved roads. I've been doing a lot of research into undercoating and it sounds like it is widely known now that hard undercoating, such as rubber undercoating products, lock in moisture and cause more harm than good and the new thing is "oil undercoating" which usually means Lanolin-based coating. If anyone here has applied Fluid Film, WoolWax, or Blaster Surface Shield to their trucks please let me know if you applied over factory wax and if it caused factory wax to come off or if the wax stayed on fine. I saw one report of this in a single thread from long ago but I imagine more folks out there have to be using one of these products as well so trying to check how worried I should be about overspray on wax frame. I'm also looking for any tips on particular nooks and crannies to keep an eye out for. Did anyone apply it to the drain holes in door? If so any rubber door seal swelling afterwards? Any spots I should avoid spraying it?
  6. Has anyone purchased these for their AT4 that has kids, if so can they reach this step ok or would a lower step be best? My kids are 5 and 7 and they can get into and out of our 2021 Suburban with fold out running boards with air suspension on highest setting, I should probably measure how far down that step is. I also have a wife who is 5'1", hoping these steps will work with both. My last concern is that I live on dirt road so wondering how well they will clean off mud, saw one post in here that the area close to truck is hard to clean.
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