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  1. I found my 2001 sierra at a dealership with only 160000 miles. It hasn't been too bad except for the program. I will get thru that ok.
  2. My 2001 silverado was completely stock and had 247,000 miles with normal maintenance, water pump and alternator. Some jack wipe pulled in front of me and totalled it. I had it from new. Great truck.
  3. I'm not into the newer way of tuning with the computer stuff. I still run a 1970 LT1 in a 64 nova that's built. Much easier for me to tune.
  4. Except for a cold air box I believe it's all stock.
  5. I would of left it stock like my old 2001 silverado. Never had a problem with it.
  6. That sounds like the best way to go. Thanks
  7. Ok, That sucks but what can I do. I appreciate your time.
  8. I will try that. Thanks
  9. On WOT it is cutting out at 6000 and I don't like those results if you know what I mean....lol
  10. The transmission shift points are way off and it hits Rev limiter causing it to cut out. I'm not sure what parameters everything is set for.
  11. That's my problem, when I bought the truck there was no programmer. Thanks
  12. I bought a used 2001 sierra slt 4x4 that was reprogrammed with a hypertech program. It wasn't done right on setup but I don't have the scanner tool that was originally used. My question is can I buy another programmer like sct or others and just start over ?
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