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  1. I will sell the van after fixing a few things. UK
  2. The amount of room to work on the front of the engine is impressive. I can envision replacing a water pump without scraping my knuckles on the radiator. My next look under the hood, will be to find a place to mount a battery tender. I usually only drive on four wheels during the winter months, so keep the battery plugged in over the summer. My previous winter vehicle was a 006 Dodger Caravan. When I tow my heavier trailer, after a while the gear box talks to me. the Dodge also has a problem with broken front coil springs, which could easily leave me stranded. I want to go to Tuktoyaktuk. The Silverado will be a much better vehicle for the job. I also have a sailboat that weighs 3250 with the trailer. The van would suffer towing that. New electronic stuff scares me more than older tech, bikes and trucks. Fuel injection and simple computer programs are okay. I have read a few other posts and noticed the informative info from Richard. Thank you. I am on the BC mainland to pick up the Dodge. Next week I will be home on Gabriola Island BC.
  3. Thank you men. I will pursue. I will have a good look at what is already under the hood. So far all I have done is look over the truck prior to purchase. Then I drove it home. UK
  4. Gidday folks. I just bought a 007 Silverado, 4.3 V6, standard cab, 6 foot 6 box, 4 speed auto. About 110K miles. Hand crank windows, no fancy electronic stuff. This is what I wanted. Decent fuel economy, and easy to park. I have found a list of common issues, like the distributor cap, and intake gaskets. I will buy a new cap and put it on. Any suggestions as to brand name and part number would help. I am replacing the door speakers. One has quit, the other is squeaky. Found larger speakers and power amp behind the front seats. Not sure if stock or aftermarket. A question about the 4 speed auto with an oil cooler. Is this a natural progression from the old Turbo 400, or a new and improved unit. Truck came with a new serpentine belt which was nice. My previous GM products were a 53 GMC panel van, straight six. A 68 GM heavy half 4 speed with a 307. A 78 Chev 3/4 ton 350 4 speed. I will be looking for a rear canopy real soon. Maybe next year a trip to Tuktoyaktuk. Did not read if an intro was required, so hope this msg will do. UK
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