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  1. The noise is definitely coming from underneath the truck somewhere in the middle. I’ve researched and there’s just too much that it could be. I thought about taking it to a transmission place to get a diagnostic. Road test and computer scan. The noise is pretty annoying you can feel it as your driving whenever it does make it.
  2. https://youtube.com/shorts/YA_1UqfiU_w?feature=share
  3. So whenever I’m driving well accelerate I’m hearing some weird rattle noise. It’s off on and on that I hear it. I just replaced the U-joints thinking it would be that but it’s not since I’m still hearing that noise. Here’s some video I took. IMG_0929.MOV
  4. I measured after I got home from work. I used a 4 ft level up against the front tire outside wall and measured to the fender. I did the same with the rear. Definitely need a 2” spacer for the rear so that all 4 tires line up evenly.
  5. The fronts measure out with the 1/4” spacer out to be 2” poke. The rear sit pretty flush with the finder. Idk if I need to go with 2” spacers in the rear to match the front?
  6. Hello everyone, I’m new to this forum. I recently got my truck lifted. It has a 7inch RC strut lift. The shop who installed it added a 1/4 inch spacers on the front for clearance. I was wondering what size of spacers would I need for the rear so that matches the front.
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