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  1. This issue is hard for me to explain. I went from a 2018 sierra SLE with standard speakers to a 2017 sierra SLT with a bench seat and BOSE speakers. I liked the standard speakers better. It seems that with the BOSE, anytime I'm listening to music (but especially an audio book or talk radio) the sound is only coming out of the dash speakers. This is VERY noticeable and gives me some ear fatigue. Kind of like listening to music on your phone speaker. From my research it seems like the door speakers are mostly bass in the bench seat models due to no center console for the sub. This makes sense because when I put my ear up to them I cannot hear any mids or highs. The weird thing to me is when I activate SIRI through my iphone I do hear what sounds like higher tones from the door speakers. SIRI sounds much more full than the music I listen to. It certainly seems like there is a setting that is off or a broken component because there is no way that GMC let a vehicle get released with the 'upgraded' sound like this. Has anyone had a similar experience?
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