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  1. That's kind of what I'm trying to do right now but with the existing wiring.
  2. Well I made the air compressor turn on with the momentary switch but couldn't figure out how to air it back down by pressing the switch the other way. Come to find out that the digital air guage I bought is off. I tried wiring it to the existing pressure switch there but it wouldn't read it. So I installed the one that came with it but it was quite off. At 10 psi the guage read 0. At 30 it was 21.
  3. i left everything plugged in as it was in the previous truck that was working for reference. the solenoid has two wires, which is which? I know the diagram shows one to ground and the other to the switch, right now the volt meter shows both have 12 volt power. EDIT: both wires show power when they're plugged in making a loop. only one has power when both wires disconnected.
  4. yes that looks to be it. But the guage came with a i guess a single pole double throw switch that i would need to use as its integrated in the guage mount.
  5. Yes the compressor only runs when you increase the bag pressure. The air is exhausted from the air solenoid. It is to exhaust the air pressure. The check valve for air is that block. The air from the compressor comes from the bottom and into the left and right ports atbthe top to the airbags. The others a pressure sensor that tells it when to shut off at the set pressure. But that all doesn't work anymore. I need to be able to control it via the switch, thaya whatbi need help wiring it up.
  6. This is the system I'm putting in. The buttons on the controller don't work anymore and can't get a replacement. So I'm going to cut the controller off and add a digital bag pressure guage and a switch to air up and down the bags. I can't figure out how to add the switch. The switch I guess is a 3 position momentary switch that defaults in the middle and you have to hold it to either side. I assumed that one way will inflate and the other will deflate as it came with the guage package. I got the guage to work.
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