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  1. I’m swapping 2018 model Denali seats into my 2011 gmc sierra denali. The question is when swapping the seats the service airbag message comes on. Can this be fixed or will items need to be moved over from the older seats?
  2. Definitely has done a good job with those. I wonder how he got the air bag light to stay off that way?
  3. That’s a good idea. Illl post there to see if anyone can help!
  4. Thanks for the info! My situation is a little different. My issue is the swapping of the seats across generations of trucks. Each truck has a unique position sensor that I have to figure out so I don’t get an airbag light on. It looks like others have done seat swaps like this without triggering the airbag service airbag message, but haven’t shared their secret sadly.
  5. Need a little help if anyone is willing to offer it… I did search to see if there was an answer already with no luck…. story: I have 2 trucks a 2011 Denali diesel and a 2009 1500 gasser. I recently purchased 2018 seats to swap into the Denali and then to move the old seats from the Denali into the 1500. issue: after swapping the seats around I get “service airbag system” and an airbag light on. The 1500 was no big deal I just swapped the seat position sensor over. The diesel has me stumped. I don’t know how the seat positioning sensor works on this truck. As there physically isn’t one on the rail. I’m trying to get the 2018 seats to not have an air bag message in the 2011 diesel. Can anyone help with what to do? thanks in advance.
  6. To anyone that can help, I’ve recently attempted to swap seats from an 18 model truck into my 11 Denali. The issue I run into is with the air bag light on the dash being triggered. Does anyone know what parts need to be swapped from the 11 model denali seats onto the 18 model denali seats,or what needs to be wired to make this work? I really appreciate any input. thanks in advance!
  7. Does anyone know how to not trigger the airbag light with this swap? No one has really said anything in depth about wiring etc. I’ve been holding off on swapping the front seats into my Denali because I’m scared the airbags in the dash etc won’t work .
  8. @emiliano leon do you have a write up? I had considered doing something similar for heat and cooled functions. Looks like you are on to something!
  9. @seth_thib would you mind sharing what you used for power? Which wires did you connect to what pins on the new harness? Thanks in advance.
  10. I am literally getting ready to do this exact thing to mine. Could you take pics of exactly how you wired yours?
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