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  1. Yeah I have a steering wheel also, I might try that as well not sure.
  2. Thing holding me up on the dash is the airbag. Need to make sure it works
  3. If you do the dash you’ll either need to swap all the computers so you can use the electronics or get with Dakota digital and have them put gauges in the cluster. I wish I went with needles but I still like this look. The center has boost and fuel psi
  4. Got the seats and center console in but haven’t had a chance to install the dash
  5. Should be test fitting the dash this week. I’ll update when I can
  6. Already talked to them and you have to have mylink for that setup to work
  7. I have a 2008 2500 and I was wondering if we can make some custom controls for our ac. I’m doing a 2017!dash swap and I don’t want the lame looking controls fiberglassed into the dashbif I can avoid it.
  8. Ok what would you need? I have the wiring diagrams from alldata for both trucks
  9. So I have all the electronics from a 2017 high country and I’m swapping the dash. So the problem I the radio, I won’t be able to wire into that I don’t think. So I found a company that makes this. I talked to them and they say I need the mylink. Does anyone have any idea if I can get this to work. Thanks https://www.phoenixautomotiveinc.com/products/12-1-android-7-1-fast-boot-vertical-screen-navigation-radio-for-chevrolet-silverado-2014-2018?variant=9828609982521
  10. seats need a little love not much, and i got them in. i had to remove the mounts from the original seats and had to weld them onto the new seats. So now is to get all the wiring ready for the dash
  11. Better looking seats, center console, dash and steering wheel, and bc I can lol i like custom stuff
  12. Cleaning as in what? Vacuum and clean the carpets? Well yes I will go back and do that but for now everything is getting mocked up then torn apart, dyno matted and interior pieces painted. There is a method to my madness lol
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