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  1. @shakenfake, thank you. Next step is taking it back to GMC for the Borla exhaust to be installed that was ordered/optioned and a ReadyLIFT Plus 1.75" leveling kit. Should be good to go for a minute...unless the wife signs off on a twin screw supercharger, but I'm not going to hold my breath.
  2. FJB, Believe it or not, they aren't that bad. They are a bit louder than the stock Goodyear mud tires, but not significantly so. With the window down, the drone of the tire is louder; however, with the windows up at highway speed: it's really not bad. The truck is pretty well insulted. I've had mud tires in the past, on other vehicles, that are so loud you can't hear yourself think, but that probably had more to do with the lack of noise insulation between the tires and my ears. As for the effect on steering control and acceleration, you can feel the lugs of the tires upon initial acceleration and when the truck is slowing to a stop through the steering wheel, but it appears to affect neither the control of the vehicle nor the acceleration to any significant degree.
  3. 6sigma, I have not had any rubbing at full lock or on any rolling turns (incline or otherwise), nor have I run into any issues with the UCA. I have attached some additional photos of the front tire, so you can see the clearance a bit more clearly. Hope these are helpful.
  4. 22 Sierra AT4X in Onyx Black, shoed in 295/70R18s on the stock wheels; otherwise, the vehicle is straight from the factory.
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