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  1. Mr Kaylan Steen, I just wanted to thank you for finding the solution to my 2022 silverado forward collision issue. After taking my truck in three times within 2 months for the forward collision warning system malfunction, the dealer supposedly ordered the front sensor, which I think it’s the actual camera. This was about two months ago, and I’m still waiting for them to call me when it arrives. Anyway, the minute I got the truck back from my third dealership visit, I pulled the fuse and bent all three metal probes of the fuse in different angles, waited 10 minutes and put it back in. That was two months ago, and about 2000 miles ago, and until today, the collision warning system, lane keep assist, and the auto start stop have all been working perfectly. it’s very funny and sad how the GM customer service is in this tread offering sympathy for people having trouble with the system, when I took my time and called the GM customer service line and talked to two people, told them about my experience, and how the issue was solved so easily and for free, and that I was trying to save GM money, and that if any engineer wants to call me to ask me about my experience, no one has called as of today. They keep on spending bunch of money with these crook dealers like the one I went to, diagnosing the trucks for days, and ordering parts that don’t need to be replaced. Yes, kaylan Steen, you do deserve all the credit, GM should thank you, instead of offering fake sympathies to people that have issues.
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