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  1. "Engine wear actually decreases as oil ages. This has also been substantiated in testing conducted by Ford Motor Co. and ConocoPhillips, and reported in SAE Technical Paper 2003-01-3119. What this means is that compulsive oil changers are actually causing more engine wear than the people who let their engine's oil get some age on it. " From the website... Oil Study It's a good read, been a few years since i read it, but take it for what its worth. Is it a bible?....no, is it an end all, tell all...no. It's just something to make you think, and assist you in some of your decision making on the oil subject. The SAE tech paper is real however. I personally won't touch my synthetic oil for 8-10,000 miles. I don't care what the sensors say. No reason to. Engines built today are a whole helluva lot different than 30-40 years ago. IMO 3,000 mile changes are a thing of the past....distant past. Specially using synthetic. Interesting!! I use Dino...and I don't touch it till the OLM says so...or 6 months...whichever comes first. That's what the dealer, the warranty, and owners manual wants....so thats what it gets. As I don't put 10K miles on the truck in a year...I may talk to the warranty rep and ask if I can extend my oil changes to 1 year or OLM. Synthetic oil change is 15 bucks more up here...so 65 instead of 50, and I think the extra 15 bucks is well worth not spending another 50 a year.
  2. They are as good as or better that the dexose standard....they just likely wont be certified. This certification costs a lot of money, and while easy for someone like Shell, or Pennzoil who are main stream oil companies, royal purple, and Amsoil are a pretty niche market. Say the certification is a million bucks; A million bucks for companies that make billions is nothing....a million bucks for companies that make millions is a little harder to swallow....especially when your looking at 1% of the market, and only 1% of that 1% will actually need the certification.
  3. That's one great thing Synthetic oil has going for it....annual oil changes vice 6 month changes. Especially if your like me and put less than 10K miles on the truck a year.
  4. I'm not telling you that i know more about your truck, so relax. I just have never heard of a manufacturer putting out a truck where all of the same models on a lot either have zerks or don't. Doesn't seem right. Also, in our owners manual, under service and maintenance, what is it referring to then when it says to grease the front suspension? Maybe I'm wrong, but I sure would like someone who is more knowledgeable than both of us to say one way or the other and explain it. Sorry man, Its nothing against you...just lately people question you left right and center when you state something on this board....even if 30 people state the same thing, someone will chime in with they're own opinion thats absolute gospel, and the other 30 people are obviously wrong. Even I have been guilty on occasion....but usually catch myself and edit my post, unless someone quotes me too quickly. Lots of vehicles come from the factory with little or nothing to grease...it still says to grease it in the owners manual, just in case there is something up there...like when you go replace a part with an aftermarket one. Lots of aftermarket companies still have grease fittings. Its more of a check and grease if available. If they said not to and something was grease-able, than they probably could be liable??? maybe?? My 90 Lumina was like this...it had non-serviceable parts on the front end. Than there was the sealed for life trans that they came out with...remember those. But yeah...I know what your saying....I checked under the truck when I had it in for the first service, as I thought something would have a zerk...and I find its a 50/50 chance that they don't clean them off when they ooze. So I like to get that crap off before it turns to a paste, or drops on the ground and leaves a slick when it rains...or gets tracked inside...I was surprised to find there were none there either...I figured a truck would at least have a few...Nothing in mine. My truck was built in Fort Worth....I'd like to know if others from there are like this...But I'd have to find people with similar dates etc...I also have a Z71 if that makes a diff...IDK.
  5. You are telling me that you don't have two in the front? The outer tie rods? I think you may be mistaken. Can anyone else verify that only some of these new trucks (2010-2011) have the two outer tie rod zerks that need to be greased? I don't believe they'd do that. OK...guess you know more about my truck than I do... No I don't have any Zerks....my 03 only had 4, 2 lower ball joints and 1 in each U-joint cause they were replaced. A little 4oz tube of grease lasted me a year for that truck. The tie rods in that truck didn't have any Zerks either...of course they may have been replacements too...I didn't buy it new.
  6. There are two on these new trucks. Zero of them on my truck. I guess it depends who supplied the Chassis parts that day of manufacturing. And after my warranty is out my dealership is going to do one thing for me...sell me a new truck. But yeah, M1 is fully dexose certified, even if it doesn't have the logo on it...as are 99% of the oils out there actually. There are a few companies that choose not to get the certification as it costs money to do that...that doesn't mean that they're lesser oils. If you use M1 you will be absolutely fine...if you use M1- EP your oil will outlast your OLM All the Info 99% of us will need to know about dexose, and GF5 cert including a list of certified suppliers. as of Oct last year. Both of them. http://www.teamzr1.com/ubbthreads/ubbthrea...amp;Number=3566
  7. I don't care one bit, personally, if they just hit the button to reset the OLM and leave the old oil in there. As long as there is a record of it for warranty. And its hard to lube any chassis components in the new trucks...there's no Zerks on anything nowadays. The guy who gets my truck next may see it differently...but than he should also opt for the extended warranty. Now, again, if I was keeping the truck...that would be a different story. I would make sure everything was done and likely do it my self, as I have access to a lift and all. but this truck is just going to last as long as the warranty does.
  8. Well, when the dealer can change my oil wash my truck and give me a cup of coffee or 3, all less than 10 bucks more than I have to pay and I don't have to lay out in the driveway, than dispose of the used oil...I think the dealership can have at er...not to mention the paper trail they than keep for you. And they charge the same as every other quick lube place around...and 99% of the oil change guys at the dealerships are better at it than the quick lube places...like they actually put the filter on all the way, and check to make sure the oil o-ring came off...oh and tightening the drain plug is also nice...There are a lot of horror stories out there from those quick lube places.
  9. Whatever....Just get the changes done at the dealership and if you have an issue due to the wrong oil...than its they're fault.
  10. Sold The Silverado And Went To The Dark Side

    LOL! Same experience here. The tuned 6.2l and transmission will be looking at just about any truck in the rear-view. And will surprise the hell out of some cars. Unless the TRD is supercharged, which you wouldn't know until they toast you. They install 'em and warranty them...oh and roll it into your financing. More than I can say for GM...You know how many people would pay for that option. I would have been all over that, a warrantied S/C. And I know they have them to fit....
  11. Sold The Silverado And Went To The Dark Side

    pretty sure stock vs. stock he'd blow your doors off, 6.2 or not. They're both rated the same 0-60. 6.3 sec...however...you get next to a guy with a RCSB, and your toast. The 6.3sec is for the quadcab
  12. Sold The Silverado And Went To The Dark Side

    Yeah, they do have a rough ride...especially my buddy's RCSB TRD. And his front diff bit the big one at 800km...on a dirt road. He has lots of little issues with it too...squeaks etc...but Toyota is meticulous with fixing issues...at least the one here in town is...don't know about other dealerships. Still has way more get up and go than my truck though...and with the TRD grille, it looks awesome.
  13. Sold The Silverado And Went To The Dark Side

    Agreed...I'm not a fan of stickers either....However, if its like my buddy's TRD, the sticker is under the clear coat.
  14. Sold The Silverado And Went To The Dark Side

    Nice truck man.

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