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  1. That's really interesting. I tried everything. After having the noise issue, the seatbelt retractors constantly rattling in the pillar, GM fuel filter issues and probably the worst paint job I've ever had on a vehicle I sold it and bought a 2018 f250 king ranch 6.7 diesel. Light years ahead of the denali in every way. Good info to know though about the tire size!
  2. I've been chasing a front hub type wheel noise for a while now on my GMC 2016 Denali 2500HD. Here's the scenario so far: Dealer told me it was tire road noise with the factory tires. They stunk anyway so i replaced them, same noise. Dealer told me it was the aftermarket tires. Thanks but contradictory to your previous statement. Same noise. Took it to a different dealer who said it was normal. Read on a few forums there might be issues with the front hubs, replaced them. Same noise. It comes on as low as 10 mph but is very pronounced at 30-40 mph and 60-65 mph. Sounds like a bad bearing but, if not the hub then what else? I can drive over different road surfaces and the noise remains the same and constant. I even put on a set of what are basically street tires from a friends truck just to double check and the noise remains. It's definitely rotational or masquerading as it is. I love the truck but the noise is driving me bonkers, so much that I'm thinking of selling it and moving to Dodge or Ford since the current model year GMC is the same design and would likely have the same issues. Any known issues, thoughts or ideas about what else I could try to rid myself of this noise and continue enjoying my truck?
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