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  1. Not a fan of the overall look with the tall Ford-like bedsides and the way it now cuts into the back of the body. I could go on and on about the ugly parts of this truck. The positives are: The mirror mounts look funny but appear to be a smart design to make visibility out of the cab better and the wheel well shape & fender flares look better.
  2. I drove my truck in the rain today for the first time and realized that it does not have rain sensing wipers. The 2008 Denali had them and they worked well. I will miss that feature.
  3. Any pics of the truck before and after? I have the same leveling kit, not installed yet and I'm trying to decide between 1.5 and 2".
  4. I tried both the car play with the cable connected and changing the bluetooth setting on the phone. Both work for text notifications only. So I now can only hear the text alert or the phone ring and nothing else from the phone. I need to hear the sounds for the other notifications I get from 2 mail apps and some others. I guess I have to just turn off Bluetooth on the phone and kick it old school with the handset to make calls. The 2015 and 2017 BMW has the same problem. I was hoping it would work in the truck since it's my daily driver but it's not that big of a deal to me to leave Bluetooth off and keep the phone separate from the car...I've been doing it for years and I don't talk on the phone too often while driving. I do like to hear the notifications, so I know what I need to look at when I stop at a red light. My little rant: While I love technology, in the long run, it takes more from us than it gives. Before the cell phone was affordable, you could get away from work just by being in the car. Now the smart phone brings the power of every type of communication available and work chases us where ever we go...The power of all this convenience has taken much of our freedom.
  5. I just traded my 08 Sierra Denali for a 2017 Denali with All-Terrain wheels and no running boards. I have an iPhone 6s and I can't seem to get Text notifications to work and when the phone is connected via bluetooth it eats all the sounds that the phone makes for all sorts of email and app notifications, the only sound I get is if a get a call. Is it possible to have the phone paired and still hear all the sounds the phone would be making if it was not paired? To add: it does not matter if the phone or truck makes the sound, I just want to hear them.
  6. White is always my first choice for vehicle color. I currently own two white trucks.
  7. My passenger side leak was fixed by replacing the "outside" weather stripping on the door. I wasn't actually trying to fix the leak by replacing the weather stripping, it just wouldn't stay in place anymore so I got new ones for both sides and haven't had a leak since (well, I have a drip in the rear window, but nothing coming in on the passenger front floorboard anymore).
  8. Lincoln30

    05 Mercedes SL65AMG

    604hp, 738 ftlb torque
  9. I'll add: 1. This could take as long as 30 seconds before the door moves when programming. 2. DO NOT repeatedly press the "learn" button on the genie motor without attempting to program a remote or letting enough time pass for the LED to stop flashing before pressing it again. Pressing it too many times in short period will erase ALL remotes from the motor (I did this at my dad's house by accident, so I got his car programmed but all other remotes tied to this opener were deleted and had to be re-programmed. 3. This one should be obvious: DO NOT park the vehicle under the door while programming (be completely in or out of the garage when programming).
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