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  1. Bump...took a few more pictures yesterday at a park I saw by the highway! Here are a couple:
  2. ***EDIT: Now that we've listed this truck for sale in a few places online, we've lowered the price to $10,900 OBO!*** All - I've finally decided to let go of my '03 GMC 1500HD. This has been a great truck for me, but I have one more vehicle than I have garage bays, and I don't want to leave it sitting outside. This truck is loaded (see my signature), and I have kept detailed records since purchasing it in 2010. I bought it with 91K miles, and I'm selling with 170K. I average 6-7K per year with it over the past few years, and it's a garage queen. It has spent most of its life in Texas and is completely rust-free, with no irreversible modifications. The engine, transmission, auto 4WD, and Quadrasteer systems are all rock-solid. I can provide much more information on request, but I am reaching out to the forum to see if anyone is specifically looking for a good Quadrasteer truck. We're asking $10,900 OBO, and I have an offer on the table a little north of $10K right now. I can let it go for that, but I'm open to a better offer from someone that will appreciate the unique features of this truck. Thanks in advance for having a look!
  3. Here in DFW, I keep hearing that Shell and QT have the best gas. I don't usually take such things on faith, but it's interesting that I keep hearing this from truck guys and tuners alike. So I just try to buy Top Tier whenever practical, and QT has good prices...makes the decision easy.
  4. I'm running that (3" DI/DO with dual 2.5" coming out the back). Discussed it some here...http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=128626. It definitely "woke up" the sound of the truck. It's got a nice, deep, not too loud idle. It's loudest/drones under load at low RPM (1400-1800), e.g. when in OD at 45-50mph going uphill. It's got a nice rumble when accelerating. It's quiet when cruising at around 60mph (4.10 gears) and gets a bit louder with a nice tone at 70+mph. I'm going to see how it finishes "breaking in" and decide whether to add a resonator or keep it as-is. It's generally quieter than my old 8.1L with straight-through chambered mufflers; you can have a conversation in the back seat in this one ;)
  5. Pics Of Your H.d

    I don't know, toolman...that's a sweet ride you've got there. Makes me miss my '01 2500HD CCSB 8.1/Ally (pewter with dual chambered exhaust, Westin bars, etc.)...almost a twin.
  6. Well, my 2003 Sierra 1500HD SLT was one of 3,912 optioned with Quadrasteer out of 39,006 (per CompNine). The truck is well-equipped (i.e. one of 3 trucks with all options), but it looks like the rarest feature was actually the color...Torreador Red Metallic (1,656). I see a fair number of Denalis around the Dallas area. But I would bet that the Suburbans/Yukons with QS are every bit as rare as our trucks.
  7. Hello From A Quadrasteer Owner

    Welcome to "the club"! I acquired my '03 1500HD SLT QS last June, and I've found Quadrasteer to be a handy feature, even though I'm rarely towing. It's nice to just pull into a parking spot instead of having to pick and choose a spot to back in every time. It's also a conversation starter; even non-GM fans ask questions about it sometimes.
  8. Onstar Speaker???

    Yeah...mine was buzzing pretty bad, and my climate control wasn't performing properly, so I decided to replace the aspirator. I pulled the cover off without much effort, and then (of course) discovered that it left the aspirator free-floating above the headliner. I had to remove the driver's side visor and loosen the A- and B-pillar trim pieces before I could get my '03 crew cab headliner down JUST far enough to reach it. I replaced it with a new part and snapped it together with the original cover easily. That resolved my HVAC issues, although I occasionally still hear a faint buzz from the aspirator.
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