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  1. Do you have a write up on it or any kinda drawings/ measurements? Is it as simple as taking the valence off and getting some dom tubing bent and welded up? Also, did you weld it to the frame or make brackets? Still have tow hooks? Thanks
  2. Where did you get th prerunner skid to replace the lower valence? Looks incredibly good
  3. Appreciate all the replies and suggestions. Gonna look into katzkins with the heat element. I like the idea of the buttons on the sides of the seats Likarok!
  4. Hey guys I have a 2017 LT Z71 all star with cloth and non heated seats. Can the dealer add the heated seats? Has anyone had this done? If so, so how much did it cost? Id like to to get custom leather installed, but what are leather seats if they aren’t heated? And I don’t want non factory buttons somewhere. Would want the factory ones. Any input appreciated. Thanks pic of my truck:
  5. This new kit doesn’t come with ucas. It lifts the truck with the new knuckle design. I am very interested in this kit as well but have also not had much luck with finding any reviews.
  6. Looks great. Would love this size. Currently running 2" rcx leveling kit. Think i could fit them? Thanks,
  7. I did a Rc 2” level the other week. Took me and a buddy 2 hours.
  8. Why did you take the entire valence off? Just curious
  9. I installed a driver grab handle into my 2015. Before I traded the truck for my current 2017 I swapped it back out. Well I cannot get the handle to fit in the 17... is there a new handle for those? Its so close to lining up but can’t get it. Thanks,
  10. Ahhh. They look to have a decent lip. I really like em. Think they are perfect. Do you have a picture looking down the side of the truck to show how much they stick outside the fenders?
  11. Offset on the wheels? -24? Looks good. Rub at all? I am about to do the rcx 2” and haven’t decided on wheels/tires.

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