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  1. Plaquemine, Iberville parish.
  2. Go to a chevy/gmc dealer parts department. They should have them in stock & they are cheap. The first time I washed mine I lost one & the dealer had them in stock & didn't even charge me for it.
  3. You can buy the fixed, and underhood reel light from most GM parts dealer. I put in the reel light & mounted it to the fenderwell where the spare battery box is. Works fantastic & you can put it wherever light is needed. The cord allows it to stretch from the front to the back bumper, great if you need it to change a tire @ night. I got the idea from "daddy" and he has a link to his installation. Here is a link to an online parts house for the underhood lights. Select a 1996 chevy 1500 pickup and go to the hood section/hood and components http://www.newgmparts.com/
  4. When I bought mine in 07, the Lowes Kobalt was made by better built. I special ordered it at Lowes, because I wanted black and when it came in it was branded Better Built, not Kobalt. My son has a Kobalt in his Silverado and mine coming from the factory has much thicker metal plate than his.
  5. I got the better built black tool chest that sits in the bed below the rail. I like the chest because it doesn't sit on top of bed rail & its hidden from out of sight. http://www.dawsbetterbuilt.com/
  6. I just added the foglamp kit to my 2007 GMT900 chevy and the instructions said to take off the front bumper. Well needless to say I figured there has to be an easier way. The only thing holding me from getting the end caps off was the headlamp assemblies. If you look on top, after you open the hood there are two screws holding the lamp assy and one in the back rear which you can't see. The rear one is accessed from underneath up in the front fenderwell. You have to take off the grill, but this just four screws on top. Once these three screws are undone from the headlamp assy it slides out to the front. You can undo the bulbs without having to slide it out all the way or if you want, unplug the electrical connector and you can take the whole thing out. I figured this out trying not to have to take the bumper off, but when I have to replace the bulbs this is the procedure I am going to use.
  7. Try these people out. http://www.kwmuth.com/products/kits/220-0275.htm
  8. I like mine just fine. At 295hp & 305lbs torque, it is all I need. 16-18 city and 21 hwy.
  9. Thanks for the info on the DIC upgrade. I just installed mine on my Silverado LT Z71 and it worked perfectly. It took me ten minutes instead of five because the light switch with the two clips on one end was difficult to pop out. ...Oh well
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