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  1. Take two 3/8" bolts and put them in the threaded holes and use them to back the drum off.
  2. Magnet works for the older Corvettes, my TPMS tool came with a magnet for the older Corvettes. Using the magnet on your truck is probably just a placebo affect. Have no explaination for your friends truck. Wonderful design. Oh well, the OTC 3833 is a nice tool. My dealer was completely oblivious. On my 07, the guy got in the truck, turned it on, hit the button on the dash, the horn honked, he turned it off, and handed me the keys. I said something about how the manual says that's not right. I forget what happened then, I know I was pissed and left. The mechanics at that dealer are completely worthless.
  3. Yeah, like pushing a reset button on the dash to relearn all positions at once. it wouldnt be able to identify the sensor locations in that case. tpms systems that dont tell you the pressures at each tire have a single reset button. honestly... its not that hard to do. ive reset mine numerous time for new tire/wheel combos and new rotations and ive never had it not work on the first try..... i really dont know how much easier they can make it...... I have never been able to get the air pressure method to work. My mom's Jeep doesn't need to be relearned, there are receivers at each wheel well that pick up the individual sensors. A lot better system than the stupid thing we have.
  4. Gravity bleed is different than just letting the bubbles float up. I bought a Motive bleeder when I did my brakes. Loved it, quick, easy to use, didn't need a second person.
  5. Nope, doesn't work that way. If there's air in the system you need to get it out by pushing it out 1 way or another. There will be air in the calipers/wheel cylinders if there's air in the system, then there's probably air in the ABS unit as well which needs to be activated to get it out.
  6. Hankook Dynapro Atm Rf10's

    Your loss, they are a good tire. Better than any overpriced Goodyear I have ever owned. jm2c I'd rather my tires don't blow out and kill me because they are crap. There is a reason Chinese tires are now hard to come by due to the taxes. I'll take my AmeriTracs again before I buy Chinese rubber.
  7. Hankook Dynapro Atm Rf10's

    I try to stay away from Chinese rubber.
  8. Is The Black Bear Tune Worth It?

    Buy him one . In all seriousness, he would want a Diesel that he could play around with and validate the tune before unleashing on customers. All our tunes are dyno developed and validated, he doesn't want a customer having an unverified product. Learn something new every day. Shows what Justin does for his customers.
  9. Take 1 for the team. There's no I in team. <insert other cliche> lol I'd love to have a USB port, maybe use the center console cable and put it in the upper glove box. Patent pending. Just kidding.
  10. Is The Black Bear Tune Worth It?

    I can only comment for my self, but here is my take on it. The simple answer is yes, I feel the tune is worth the power train warranty. Do I want to lose my warranty? No, but if I did it would not be the end of the world. I did purchase (as do many) a spare set of computers (ECM and TCM) and had them tuned leaving the stock computers alone. But, I have had my truck in for warranty work multiple times and I have yet to change them out when going to the dealership. I have just to feel the difference in tunes. You forget how much better the Black Bear tune is until you go back to stock. You're not kidding, I honestly didn't notice a whole lot when I first got the tune. Then I put the stock computers in to get AFM turned off by mail and it sucked. I missed my tune so much.
  11. Is The Black Bear Tune Worth It?

    Definately worth the money, I can't imagine the hand helds being able to do what Justin is capable of. Actually reading through the user manual, I know it's not capable. Hell, it can't even tune the TCM. He can give you access to more power that your truck is capable of, cut back on the freaking GM nannies to prevent you from using the engine. He can firm up and quicken the shifts. Throw away or sell your hand held and get a real tune.
  12. Sure some work was involved, but when I look at the pictures I only see about 10$ in radio shack supplies. I'm sure it takes considerable time for 1 guy to assemble. But I still think it's too much coin. 40$ and I'd be game. But you don't see what's in the box, I know it's not a resistor and a diode. Again, that connector is $23 to purchase just 1 from GM Parts Direct. Looking at your list of mods, I can see that you spent some coin on just handles, factory locking tailgate handle and bezel are $48 from GM Parts Direct and thats some plastic and metal pieces, mass produced (in China?). So if you compare it to many items, it's not a bad price and does something useful. Also the iPod interface? That's an expensive mass produced Chinese item that costs who knows how much when a $5 Radio Shack cable will do the same thing for an iPod.
  13. That's a nice setup. Looks pretty easy to install. At first glance $90 seems high, but it took some work to get that working, he had to design and build that module and get that connector for the 5Y0 option which alone is $23 from GM Parts Direct (with shipping for a single unit). He isn't making these by the truck load in China, so they are going to cost a little more. Granted the module doesn't have any crazy electronics, but no one else has come up with the circuitry, probably using an IC to get input from the switch's LEDs then uses that to power his LEDs, like he said in an earlier post, you can't just add an LED to the LEDs in the switch, not enough power. If I had 4wd, I would definately order one.
  14. How-To: GMT900 Cargo Light Mod.

    Because they can.
  15. How-To: GMT900 Cargo Light Mod.

    They changed the freaking wiring color from 07-08 to 09 models? Jesus, why call them GMT900s if your going to change half the vehicle.

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