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  1. Badass Truck bro. You just cant go wrong with the Ridge grapplers. They look amazing, and most importantly do NOT make any noise. Totally blew me away when i forst had them put on mine as i thought for sure they'd be noticeably louder. Nice wheels too. I havent seen anyone with those on their 1500. enjoy!
  2. Here you are sir. And ebay is the only place i could find it. I think GM discontinued it....
  3. Ok guys, I just completed the console swap and it went flawless. I did the top plate that has the 2-12v and 1-3 port usb. I put the 110v in place of the 3 usb port. I still have the 2 usb ports/ 12v under the lid to utilize car play. I went this route so i didnt have to worry about the usb's not funtioning 100% up front, and frankly 2 usbs is plenty for me As far the wiring goes, not bad at all. I used the wire harness from the jump seat so almost everything was plug and play. I did have to solder the led light and the 12v on the backside of the console. Straight forward and easy to do. Youll nees to unravel some of the original harness to see what wires your working with I did not remove or loosen the passenger seat either. Yes it was tough to reach and unclip the connector but not horrible Anyways, couldnt be happier on the final result! This is not that hard to do. A few hours and just under $600 gets you a sweet OEM console Oh and my all leather jump seat is on ebay if anyone is interested
  4. ive looked around, but couldnt find anything that i thought would look ok in the truck.,.....there are a couple options that i found but look horrible IMO....i sucked it uo and bought the center console and plan on installing today
  5. marv, did you end up getting one? im doing a center console swap today and will have available a black leather jump seat w/white stitching if anyone is interested...truck has less than 1000 miles....brandy new
  6. i was wondering the same thing....anyone sucessfully do the swap in a double cab without removing the passenger seat?
  7. has anyone done this swap in a 2017 yet? i just want to make sure i can still use console #23466980 (the one most are using on here) thanks!
  8. i like this option! my truck has the 110 up front, so im thinkin this will eliminate a lot of extra wiring, spilicing seeing no usb's up front now questions tho.. 1) will the current harness in my truck plug and play with the USB's under the cover of the new center console? my thoughts are utilize the USB's under the cover, and use the panel like shown above to have just 2-12v and 1-110 (no usbs's up front) thanks for this awesome thread.....ive read all 70 pages and am feeling pretty confident with the part numbers and install...
  9. what a great thread. ive read just about all of it i think! lol....anyways, i just got a 2017 LT and am gonna do this swap. i think im clear on the console, trim, cupholder, and bracket #'s. ....anyone do one on a 2017 yet? just curious if anything has changed at all i currently have a black leather jump with white stitching seat to take out and maybe sell if anyone here is interested.....thanks !
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