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  1. We bought a 7'X14' 7000lb cargo trailer for our move to Florida from NY. The truck is a ext.cab, long bed, 4X4 with approximately 117K miles on the odometer. The last repair that the truck had was a new water pump, and fan clutch just before we left. Everything was fine for the first several hundred miles, then several thing started to act up. The outside temps were in the mid 80's to low 90's, and we only stopped for gas and bathroom breaks most of the trip. I was driving the speed limit most of the way, 60>70 mph. The first thing I noticed was that the trans temp stayed at 20
  2. Rolando, the lights that you got off of Amazon, were they used OEM, or aftermarket new made in China? The reason I ask, is that I saw a pair of the uppers new made in China on Amazon for $40, and they got terrible reviews! New OEM from GM are about $ 150 each! Formulabruce, I did see some of the youtube videos, plus the guy that did the first restoration did exactly what you suggested, I watched him. It lasted maybe 6 months! I guess I'll just have to give in and buy a new headlamp for that side, but there must be a way to re-seal the driving lights? And I still don't understa
  3. I've been spending the last few winters in Florida, and last year I noticed that the drivers side headlight lens turned yellowish and really cloudy. There was a local guy who did headlight restoring, and did a really nice job! Unfortunately, it only lasted for several months. What's really strange is that the passenger light is perfectly clear and white looking! I bought one of those restore kits for 10 bucks, and did it again myself the other day. It came out ok, but I'm not expecting it to last. I tried doing a search on this forum, but nothing came up. I'm wondering what other p
  4. My 2004 Silverado 2500HD ext cab, long bed 4X4 6.0 has appox.108K miles on it. First off, I absolutely love this truck, and plan to keep it forever! It has never seen snow, and has no rust. Out of all the GM vehicles I've owned, it's one of the best! With that said, the engine light is a thorn in my side, with sensors constantly going bad! The engine and trans are original, but the trans TCM went bad around 50K. I just had to replace the knock sensors again for a second time! Except for the electronics, the truck runs really strong, no engine knock, doesn't use a drop of oil between o
  5. A quick update! In Oct of 2012, GM replaced the cluster under my GMPP, finally, and I never had the problem happen again!
  6. I've had this intermittent problem now for about 2 years. What happens is when I'm using the truck when it rains, the oil pressure gauge goes to 0(zero). If you pull over and shut it down and wait about 3 mins, and start it again, the gauge returns to normal. I can use the truck for weeks, and if it doesn't rain, no problems. Several weeks ago in the rain to go shopping, I pulled into the parking lot and at the same time as the gauge dropped to 0, the truck wouln't move, like it was in neutral. I shut it off and waited a couple of mins, and everything returned to normal. I've had i
  7. Here is my 04 HD and Lance truck camper.
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