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  1. Bumping this in the hope that someone reading this forum will have valuable input!
  2. I don't have the broken taillight anymore, but I believe it's a sealed unit and not possible.
  3. There's a small rectangular cutout on the interior side of the tail light housings on my 2015 Suburban LTZ (first picture). Within these cutouts are two little LED lamps on a circuit board that serve as side marker lights (second picture). One of my tail light housings needed to be replaced after a traffic accident. An OEM housing was ordered from a Chevrolet dealership. The OEM new housing had the cutout, but was missing the LED side marker lamps (third picture). The dealership ordered a replacement housing, but it was also missing the LED side marker lamps. I started to pay attention to late
  4. I found out today from the dealer that the steering column is on national back order with no forecast on when the part will be available. You would think that someone could "acquire" one from the assembly plant in Arlington, TX and overnight it to the dealer!
  5. 2015 Suburban LTZ 4WD w/ every available option including 22" factory wheels Major problems 1. Steering column is being replaced under warranty after 8000 miles due to a persistent knocking noise in the steering wheel 2. Excessive brake dust build up on the front passenger wheel only. No idea why, as the brake pads are wearing evenly. Trying to get the dealer to replace the pads under warranty, because I think the composition of the one pad is sub-par. 3. Entire rear window was replaced under warranty after one of the defroster electronic clips broke off from the window.
  6. My So Cal dealer has also decided to replace the steering column because of this knocking problem. Ugh! I hope they get everything put back together properly!
  7. Thanks. Would you be able to give me your dealership's name? I'd like to reference it, if possible, I get pushback from my dealer.
  8. Any update to this problem yet? I am experiencing the same issue with my '15 Suburban LTZ with 8700 mikes. It will be helpful to know what your dealer said before I take it to mine!
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