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  1. 2005 Chevy Trailblazer transmission problem. I have a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer with 145,000 miles on it. I am having a strange transmission problem that I would like some opinions on. When the vehicle is started first thing in the day, one can drive for 4-5 miles with no problems and then the transmission disengages itself and then engine races (like one shifted into neutral while one was driving.) If I pull off the road, put the vehicle into park and shut off the engine and wait a minute or two, I can restart the engine and drive normally for another quarter of a mile and it does it a
  2. Does anyone happen to know the bolt size/threads for the lower shock mount on a 2010 silverado 1500 lt z71? Was replacing parts this weekend and got a bit too over-zealous with the impact tools and snapped a bolt, need to replace them but haven't had much luck in finding the correct ones. Thanks!!
  3. Totally agree with you on the first modification thing...i had a rear axle snap on my 2007 sierra, and the rear hellwig sway bar was about the only thing that kept the truck from flipping. GM was wise enough to give me a new truck after the accident when they realized after their 3 weeks of testing and bickering that it would be smarter for them to do so. First thing that went on the 2010 silverado?....front and rear hellwig sway bars. The rear links with the addeco's though...i haven't seen them like that before. On the hellwig's i have on mine, it's solid steel, basically a looped piece with
  4. I just had my 2010 Silverado LT in for the same issue, at least what i thought was oil until i got underneath and noticed what it was. I actually had 2 issues...one..the oil cooler lines were leaking so i was getting oil on one part of it, and i had the front seal on the tranny leaking so i was getting tranny fluid leaking on the other side. (the completely clean underside of the transmission and skid plate was a dead give away) Dealer was very cool about it (mind you the truck had 13,800 miles on it, so i was none too pleased. Even though they repaired it, cleaned all of it up, chan
  5. Paradigm49

    Before and after

    Pictures of when i bought the truck, and now with all of it's modifications
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