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  1. Nice. Looks exactly like the truck I bought over the weekend except mine will be pulling a 15,000lb, 40' toyhauler.
  2. Has anyone put the shackles on a 3500HD? I just picked up the 3500HD Denali and looking to lower the back 3" and the front 2: with the McGaughy torsion keys.
  3. This topic is timely as I am considering getting a new 1Ton SRA to pull my fifth wheel toyhauler. Currently have an 02 2500HD with the 8.1/Allison setup. My new 40 Toy hauler is around 15,000lbs with a pin weight around 2,800lbs. This trailer puts my 2500HD at its upper limits and the GVWR is about 400lbs over. (9,600 lbs vs. 9,200 lbs spec). As much as I don't want to give up the 8.1/Allison combo, a DMax/Allison 1 Ton with the 11,600 GVWR would be better for pulling and stopping. The problem is the new 3500's are 3" taller than my old 2500HD and my trailer is already 2" nose high. This would not by an issue but the height tot he top of the AC unit on my trailer is at 13'-6". Can't really go much higher safely. My current truck settles 2" under load. It used to be 3" but I put Timbrens on to help the stability. As noted above, I can't take any more out of the trailer so the new truck would have to be lowered. It sounds like the new trucks would squat about 2" as well. This still leaves me 3" too high. It looks like the extended shackles are the only real option to lower the back. I would need to keep the load rating with the 3,000 lb pin weight my trailer has. Is this really the only option out there? Thanks.
  4. Looks like this may be the culprit. I had the dealer replace the Crankshaft Position Sensor and the truck has been running fine since. It cost about $500 but that is better than buying a new truck.
  5. The dealer has had the truck for two weeks now and can't find anything wrong. The fuel pressure is fine, no codes, nothin. The put 160 miles on the truck and it only surged on them once. I'm sure as soon as we get it back it will stall on us.
  6. Another new one. My wife was driving the truck last night and the truck stalled while decelerating and moving around 30mph. She said she pumped the gas several times and the engine kicked in. Now I'm wondering if it is fuel pump\wiring related.
  7. Sitting at a stop light this morning the truck just cut out. Tried to start it twice with no luck. Put the flashers on, waived the people around me, waited a minute then started it right up like nothing was wrong.
  8. I would agree it's more electronic than the fuel pump. It's just odd how it cuts out and then starts up a few minutes later like there is nothing wrong. Today it worked fine.
  9. It's the strangest thing and it started about 4 months ago. There are times I will go to start the truck and it it will turn over but not start. Sounds like the plugs are not firing. So, I take the key out of the ignition then put it back in and it will start up. Then, one day I was driving the truck to work and I was braking for a light and the engine cut out. All the lights worked. Same thing, took the key out of the ignition, put it back in and it started up. Had the battery replaced as it was 7 years old and thought things were fine. The dealer did a diagnostic on the truck and it did not show any problems. Fast forward a couple months and my wife starts driving the truck. The same things start happening to her. I saw a video on YouTube that said the problem is in the plug on top of the key cylinder. It gets loose and the security module shuts down the truck. The trick to fix it was to wedge a plastic toothpick into the socket to tighten it up. So, I did that this morning. This afternoon we were driving the truck and I was slowing down for a stop light again and as we went over the RR tracks before the light, the engine cut out again. It took a couple minutes before the truck would start again. I'm stumped on what is going on. When the engine cut out, the battery light came on but we never lost power to anything. The starter turned just fine. Now, I have not checked for loose wires yet. Not sure where to start. Thanks. BTW: the truck has 67,000 miles and is all original except for plugs, wires and fluids.
  10. Just had the door handles replaced on my 2002 GMC and they were about $120 each including labor. This was done by our local GM dealer too.
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