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  1. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Going to do a write up? Interested in this if I do the Sierra cluster.
  2. Dealer told me they can't give me a loaner until they find a drivability issue so I'm trying to do some troubleshooting myself before I figure out how to get to work while they diagnose...car is in 2wd, flat surface just crawling forward in drive and it hear this echoing off my driveway walls. I have another susp sound I can only hear in the cabin over extremely slow bumps like when I drive on grass very slowly sounds like a ball joint almost, not a loud pop / knock more like a bobbling noise.
  3. Abnormal shock rub?

    Edit: pic was too large didn't upload brb
  4. I'm getting a clunk, sounds like ball joint or a bad shock/strut. So I looked around the truck just to see if I could find any visual indicators and found this...my truck only has 12k on it and I have two friends with z71's with higher miles than mine with no similar rubbing issue...just wondering what could cause this much rubbing, the dust cover could really do that?
  5. I have a 2016 midnight / z71 package 1500, bought brand new and have been driving it through the winter in auto or 4wd mode with no issues. Switched to 2wd mode for summer, tried going up my driveway one wheel in some mud and one wheel concrete and started spinning the passenger side tire enough to fling mud everywhere and not go anywhere until I switched to auto. Now again in the dry I had both wheels on concrete and I was trying to get the front wheel over a rock and I did a little burnout drivers side rear tire... Am I missing something? Is there a way to turn it off? Doesn't seem like it's locking, I know I have the z71 and those come standard with the g80 from what I see. Am I a dummy? I don't see any lights or anything lol.

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