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  1. I know this was 5 years ago but did you figure out what the issue was? I have the same issue now... 06' 1500 CCSB 6.0 4x4... The starter has been acting up and doesn't always start the truck on the first attempt. Figured I'd take care of that this week... Sunday I start the truck and all is well. That same afternoon I disconnect the battery and remove the starter. Have it tested at the local Oreilly's for good measure....fails the test which I'm not surprised since it had been acting up. Order the new GM Genuine reman starter and the truck sits in the garage battery disconnected from Sunday evening until Wednesday evening when I install the new starter, connect the battery and go for it's first start.....well it cranks nice and healthy and the starter no longer cuts out...but the truck doesn't start. I'm stumped - the theft light on the dash is not staying illuminated so don't think it's a security thing but it sure seems like it. When you key 'on' all the chimes, and normal noises like the fuel pump. I did try the theft lock reset just for good measure with no change in behavior.
  2. Kstruckcountry - outboards are out of the picture for sure. I'm only looking at i/o for the convienance factor for water sports. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Agreed about the crowlines- and of course that's how it has to work out lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Silver Sled - thanks for the post. I agree about the engine size and I'm looking for either a 5.0 or 5.7. Rinker boats have now entered the equation. They seem to have nice layouts with some desirable features for a decent price. Also looking at chaparral and crown lines nowadays. Really hoping to find something in the next couple months so I can enjoy a full summer on the lake! Cheers! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I appriciate you feedback even though you're rocking the fishing boat. Down here wrapping the boat seems relatively popular for outdoor storage. One of my work buddies that boats swears by it. It's like heat shrink for the boat and they use wood like you mentioned to create a dome/bubble around the boat. they add vents to keep it from trapping any mositure. From what I've heard it usually runs a couple hundred bucks tho. Help me out on the leg? Is that the vertical portion of the lower unit? I haven't done a boaters safety course recently. Did one several years back in FL but I think that was a pairred down version just to rent a jet ski. They don't require them in Colorado but I'm not opposed to the idea. I'm all about learning as much as possible. Regarding the new boat vs. used boat question; I would love a new boat but they are damn expensive for what I'm looking for. At this point in my life I dont know that I would want to spend 30K+ on a boat (29years old). I'm sure this won't be my first boat ever and if I get a mechanically sound, well maintained boat, i should be in pretty good shape I would think. Also, I want a new truck here in the next couple years so trying to spread out the expenses. I'm thinking interest rates won't be too big of a hurddle. I can get an unsecured loan for 9% and secured for 3%. My plan would be to pay a good portion in cash and then pay the loan off within 2 maybe 3 years... Thanks for the feedback and the questions back
  6. Thanks for the reply! I've seen those Yamahas around recently. What type of wake do they produce for water sports? That's something I've often been curious about. I've also heard pretty good reviews from folks that own those that I've run into. What types of boats did you own before the Yamaha? I think the only thing that that's detering me from taking that route this time around, is the cost. They aren't really in the price range I'd like to stay in, for my first boat (under 20K max). Don't get me wrong, I really actually want, a really nice boat, such as a new or newer one or a Yamaha but don't want to spend all on my money on it or be worried about damaging it all the time. Also, I have lots of hobbies and try to spread my funds out a little. The shallow draft would also be perfect for my anticipated once a year trip to Powell!
  7. Thanks for the reply. Do you say fuel injection because of jettting and all that type of stuff? I would prefer fuel injected thats for sure. From the boats I've seen in my range it seems like 50-50 though. I'm planning to check out the couple dealers in my area within the next couple months just to further my search. Would love to be on the water next summer! Also, it seems like more and more boats are popping up onto our market as the years ends (I'm sure this is expected).
  8. Hey Everyone - Lengthy post alert! Mods - hopefully I'm in the correct forum. I think it’s time I become a boat owner. I’ve been around boats here and there over the years and always have a great time boating. I think it’s time that I take a serious look at buying one. Having said that, I want boat ownership to be as positive as possible so I’m here to learn from you folks that have some experience under your belt. What things should I learn about or be aware of that I’m not including? Financial: Boat cost; staying under 20K (initial thought is to pay cash for appx 50% and finance the remainder; good for the credit history etc. Keep the payments down low also, since I’m in CO and my use is limited) Gas cost Insurance Parks Pass etc Storage fees Maintenance: Winterizing properly (at mechanic or DIY possible? I like to maintain my own things if possible/reasonable. If outside, shrink-wrapping seems like a must and needs to be done professionally?) Oil chg frequency? Once a season or at the beginning & end? Synthetic vs. Dyno vs. Rotella? Washing the outside after every use or once a month? Trailer; lights and bearings? Keel guards seem like a real good idea if there’s any chance of landing your boat on a beach? Ugly but functional. Fuel Injection vs. Carburetor? Should this be a deal breaker one way or another. Other than the obvious fuel economy and ease of starting what else should I be aware of? Fuel injected is preferred however in the year range I’ve been looking at (98-ish to 2005ish) I see both options. A co-worker brought up a couple thoughts that seemed wise to me. Buy a boat that’s a few years older to minimize the depreciation I’ll incur. I’m sure it’s a fine line between older boats that require work and newer boats that will lose a lot of their value. If I pull the trigger on purchasing a boat, I intend to own it for several years but don’t want to be boat broke. So far it seems like I lean towards Glastron, Larsen, Chaparral, Crownline, Caravelle, Sea Ray, Monterey and a couple others that aren’t coming to mind. There’s several Glastron in my area and the GT/GX 205s seem like a good fit for more of an entry level-ish boat. The 20 footers I can get a 5.0 or 5.7 Volvo in. I’d like to be able to wakeboard and cruise with a few folks on board so at 5K ft of altitude I think I’ll want a V8. Tougher on the gas unfortunately, but more fun to drive. (year 2002ish-2006ish) Larsen/Chaparral, Crownline, Caravelle, Sea Ray, Monterey seem a touch nicer with a few desirable features; walk thru transom, tad bit larger and I get the feeling they are well built so if I found one a touch older (say 98-02) it would compare with a newer Glastron and be similar in price. What features do people highly suggest or “not live without” once having? I like the idea of walk thru transom although that seems more geared towards 21 ft+ boat. Wrap around seating or a rear bench seat seems very nice as well along with storage areas. Length - I lean towards a 20-22ft boat since they are smaller and I’m not experienced yet. 17-18 seems too small and the larger ones (24-25) seem like a little much for a first boat. I’ll be using this on mostly reservoirs’ in Colorado such as Carter Lake, Horsetooth, and McConaughy in NE would be the largest. I know this is a lengthy post but I really want to go in as informed and educated as possible. Also, do I need to have a marine surveyor inspect the boat or is a good solid walk thru by myself and experienced boater sufficient? I think I will request a test drive since I’m so new to the sport. It seems that the general condition of the boat can be a good indicator of the overall shape. Hull shine, scraps, nicks, scrapes on the lower unit, clean engine compartment, condition of the vinyl, and hours? A couple of the Glastrons in my area are in the 15-20K range for 02-06 with as low as 50 hours and as high as 230 hours. All seem very reasonable when I do the math of how many years those hours are spread across. Well, there’s my brain dump on the subject. Jump in and let me know all your thoughts. Thanks in advance! Sam
  9. Thanks for the input everyone. The torque app is pretty sweet. I'm going to pick that up; seems like a very useful long term tool. I havent experienced the issue again so I plan to monitor it and try to further diagnosis before I mess with anything.
  10. This topic caught my eye, I've been wanting to take care of the couple little chips I have. I also have a spot that I'll need to take care of where the front mudflaps rubbed thru the paint. I'm removing the flaps in install factory flares and want to make sure there's no chance for rust in there down the road. Ryan - ever used the OEM paint pens or do you prefer the Automotivetouchup.com version? Just curious. Thanks. To the OP - let us know what you decide to do and throw some pics up afterwards. Good luck!
  11. Thanks for all the responses and info. That's what I was looking for. Sounds as if my CTS may be going bad since it seems like intermitent issues. I'm curious how the gauge gets fed from the CTS/PCM since it seems to be working well but the fans not (well, only twice now they haven't kicked on when I feel they should have). Sounds like a good test in the future will be turning the A/C on to see if that kicks the fans on. I'll get my hands on a scanner so I can see the true temps. Hopefully I can catch the fans in the off postion while scanning. If it ends up being the CTS, from the quick research I've done it seems like that may be a simple $20 repair.
  12. Good idea on the AllData. My subscription expired a while back and I didn't even think of that. Still seems somewhat odd to me that it doesn't kick on until 220 but AllData had been a reliable source in my experience. I don't stare at my gauges but generally speaking it sticks around 190-195. I know the red doesn't start until 250 but that seems extreme. I've run my truck in temps above 100F. If the 220 statement is accurate it seems that I n theory my fans would never activate unless A/C was on since I can't recall ever seeing gauge above 210. I figured out you can indirectly force the fans on by turning the A/C on. I guess next time I'm up at that altitude cruising real slow on the forest service roads I'll need to be more patient and give the fans a chance to kick on. Maybe one of the GM advisors will chime in and provide their two cents. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Yea I agree they won't kick on until it's hot enough. In this case I'm confident they weren't on when they should've been. Just ran out and took a closer look at the gauge and I think it was actually running closer to 215 maybe staring to push 220. Dumb question - what's SI short for? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Chris - I'm curious about your logic. I just had the fluid flushed so I'd prefer not to replace the hoses quite yet. In hindsight probably would've been a good idea to do the hoses as good measure. Anyone have a link handy to a write up on a thermostat replacement. Haven't done one yet and wondering what's all involved if I end up needing to go that route. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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