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  1. I had the dealer include 18 inch blizzak winter tires, steel rims and tire pressure sensors in with the deal so I will be using winter tires once the weather changes. Thanks for all the advice, I've decided to keep the Bridgestone's. My 15 Denali had Good Year's and I would describe them as being crappy. I kind of assumed GM would cheap out again with the Bridgestone but I've been researching online and they're actually getting good reviews. Some in fact saying they're a better tire than the Michelin I was considering "upgrading" too. Again, I appreciate the advice!
  2. Hey guys, looking for advice or opinions on whether or not I should upgrade the factory shipped Bridgestone, 22" 275/50R22SL with Michelin Premier LTX tires. I'm getting winter tires so the 22's will only be used in warm weather conditions, city and highway driving only. My dealer has quoted me $1,000.00 (cdn) installed to upgrade to the Michelin's. I'm having a difficult time finding information on the factory Bridgestone tires. Google says Bridgestone makes some really good tires. Now I'm confused? Are Michelin's really better and is $1,000.00 Canadian (approx 750 usd) worth swapping them out? Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. I've had the GM power assist steps on my 17 Denali for about three years. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada and have had no issues with road salt, snow / ice or any bangs or noise whatsoever when they retract. They have worked without issue. I will be getting them again on my 19 Denali.
  4. My vote is 15 Denali front end over the 16. Not sturing the pot, just my opinion ...
  5. Wow... grown men that can afford to purchase brand new trucks complaining because they made cosmetic changes to the truck. Here's some advice boys, don't buy a 16/17/18 because they'll release a totally new design in the next three or four years. Oh and even then... don't buy a re-designed truck because there's a good chance they will update them again. You wouldn't want the value of your 2019 to drop in 2022 would you? Crazy talk... Enjoy what you have... For the record I bought a 2015 Denali and I love it. I really like the new front end on the 16... but I'll keep driving my crappy 2015.
  6. I did not know that. I think I would still prefer no moldings at all.
  7. To me this seems like good news and bad news. I suppose the fact they will react to slugish sales and make some changes after just one year is a good thing (for me, who still has a 2012) but you really have to feel for the people that pulled the trigger on the 14. It must be a frustrating situation to be in. Thanks for effing the most loyal (early adopters) customers...
  8. Lets hope the Sierra drops the dumb looking plastic molding around the wheel wells. What were they thinking? I saw a white diamond Denali the other day and those moldings look cheap. My opinion of course.
  9. I was told they will be availabe (to order) next month.
  10. Thank You! I tried soap and water. It looks like it clean but as soon as it dries the dirt is back. I swear it's like a stain. I'm certian it's because the hard plastic isn't smooth. it's rough to the touch and it seems like the dirt works its way in. Anyway, I'll try the Adams.
  11. Thanks, I'll give the Armorall wipes a try.
  12. Seriously? Nobody else finds cleaning the hard plastic interior parts impossible? I don't believe you!
  13. Hey guys, I have a 2012 Denali and I also have a six year old. I'm looking for advice on how to better clean the hard plastic parts in the interior of the truck. I'm specifically having issues cleaning the plastic on the back of the seats, the doors and along floor (the plastic on the floor around the Denali embulem). I have black interior and I clean it with soap and water bit it comes back as soon as it dries. What's the trick? It's impossable to clean.... Frustrating! Thanks.
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