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  1. I am not sure what code I have. They are manual fold and heated. The turn signal I might add but I do not like what GM did. I want my signal on the bottom visible from teh front side and rear. I might have to mock up a piece and start cutting but I did see somewhere that I can just add turn signal glass/led. The kit was like 60. It was stock GM glass not some stick on LED strip/arrow. I want the power fold tho
  2. Would you trade me for my solid black door trim or sell me yours? If you are still gonna paint them
  3. Oops, you are right. I was the one who actually missed it. My bad. Viva La Canada! I gathered that, was just talking about his plans to order from them...
  4. I keep my 45 in my truck always. I really was hoping someone was thinking like me and wanted to put front facing below floor gun mounts with actuator triggers for those rude drivers...err. ...I mean...just kidding. I carry too.
  5. Looks good. Me personally I would have sent them to someone to refinish them or redo the completely I had some vehicles that I sent parts to VCFinishes and was amazed at the look and quality of them . I had 15 pieces done for 200 bucks in burlwood. They can typically match current interior pieces and I think they do everything but chrome
  6. Does it count if I am a white guy on the inside of my black truck haha
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