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  1. Turned off Siri today and it works like it should now
  2. Also completed the install like hyperx (appreciate his help). Bought the .11" connectors from autozone. Worked ok. I'd like a better connector but if it works it work. I got my generic hardwire cable from Amazon for 9.75 shipped. No complaints.
  3. Great posts guys. Will be using for my install
  4. Anyone have any experience. I have a friend of a friend who can get them at a good price. Claim they come with a canbus, don't flicker, and work with the 2014+ Gm trucks. I just don't see anything about them online. Can anyone give me some info? Should I steer clear?
  5. Thanks buddy. Last question--may be dumb. Using a telephone wire, which is + and which is - when i cut the end off? On my old truck I bought a premade wire and plugged into my mirror
  6. New Orleans area. But good to know what it costs in br to compare to
  7. Anyone recommend any shops in south Louisiana to install lifts?
  8. What did the clear bra run you? Just got the same truck but a '15 6spd
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