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  1. since there was little resources for me to check out before I got it done here is a little tease of the deleted and tuned 2.8 duramax.
  2. Because they are the best looking, most durable and reliable. I own a 2010 Silverado ltz ccsb 6.2
  3. Thanks very much, so in the link at ddm the choice 9006/HB4 is what i need for my truck?
  4. Hey guys i kinda skimmed over this whole thread, and i am really interested in an HID kit for my 2005 Silverado 1500. Is this the kit im looking for? http://www.ddmtuning.com/Products/DDM-HID-...last-35W-or-55W I am also wanting 8000k's if anyone has an opinion on that. And what bulb type do i need? i have absolutely no clue and there are a billion choices. H1 H6 H7 etc... What one do i need for my truck? And do i need any harnesses' or anything? This is for a 2005 silverado. Thanks!
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