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  1. How-To: Install Dual Batteries.

  2. Projects, Big or small?

    Currently getting my ATV ready for the season.....got it stripped down to the frame and am doing full service, belt, brakes etc. My Camaro is driver ready now, but will be hopefully getting a new 383 425HP GM crate motor this summer!
  3. Projects, Big or small?

    Somebody is going to be happy with that offroad wagon!
  4. Got the B/U lamps and 55 watt HID's and love both! The HID's are a nice pure white and really light up the road!
  5. Got mine in.......luv em! Also ordered 50 watt HID's ....I will install today.
  6. I was a GM dealer service advisor for 10 years, and now with Nissan Infiniti. It should not surprise anyone that in a BUSY dealership, vehicles purchased at that dealer must get priority. Yes, warranty work is not a lucrative portion of most dealerships. From my experience, the biggest mistake people make, is trying to bully their way through the process. Picture yourself in a business where one customer wants to spend money and the other wants everything free. Naturally, you would concentrate on the customer paying you. The job you described would probably mean re and re of the trans, which would probably be around 4-6 hours labor, which would be considered a sizeable job in the big picture. Not saying Strafingmoose approached the dealer in this way, just trying to shed light from the other side of the fence. Treating the Service Advisor and Service Manager with courtesy and respect goes a long way!
  7. Favorite Songs

    I'm obviously old skool......but every time I hear Rock the Casbah by the Kinks, I can't help myself!
  8. My favorite........trucker "stacks" coming out of the box behind the cab, like the old Dodge "Lil Red Truck". Usually on 80's Dodge diesels!
  9. Beautiful truck! I'm jealous of the moonroof though. lol Is that resort owned by the family the makes the crystal figurines? Or did they take part in the construction? Or is this a totally different Swarovski? Yes, it is the same family.....the place has 3.5 million crystals in it!
  10. What the heck....here's another one!
  11. Here's a pic of my 11 Silverado taken at Sparkling Hills Resort and Spa, just outside Kelowna, British Columbia. The resort was just finished by the Swarovski family of optics and crystal fame.
  12. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    Thats a nice rig. I really like the new one piece front bumper..did you order the truck? I did.....ordered ALL the tow options, sunroof, 20's, rear power slider, Bluetooth, steering wheel controls, upgrade stereo and Bose, cloth buckets, tow mirrors, LT package, etc. It took about 7 weeks to get here. I work for the dealer group, so I got veh for cost plus $200. Saved about $5k as well as $7k from GM. Next week I will add Armargard under rail, GM heated seat kit, GM box rail caps, mudflaps, under seat storage and sill protectors, wheel well liners, and Weatherguard mats. Nice thing about the new stuff is built on brake controller, veh starter, XM, Bluetooth etc. I'm regretting not ordering backup camera, but I will pursue adding it with help of this forum. My buddy is going to clay bar and seal paint, and I will probably add some 3M protection to front of truck. Does anyone have any reccomendations on where to get the 3M?

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