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  1. Thats a pretty sick looking truck. Where bouts in ON are you from?

  2. 99 to 02 only have a 3 position switch. O is basically auto, parking lights and headlights
  3. Yeah its the canada issue with no being able to overide the drl. I'll try to pick up some yellow connectors tomorrow and maybe give it a try. The order of the switch then resistor wouldn't affect the outcome would it? Like the way you had it drawn up?
  4. Alright i might try it again but that is how i first had it set up and nothing would change. maybe the taps that i used weren't close enough to cut into the wire on the truck. i was using the blue ones so i might have to try the next size smaller which is yellow i believe
  5. yeah i had it on the c2 connector like what rmck490 said on the first page. i'll go have a look again and see if the drl are on but i'm glad that the other lights are working now Edit: just checked the fuse and it was no good so i changed it and drl are back on. thanks guzz
  6. just went out and took the switch out from the white wire A11 on C2 the light blue connection and things look like they are back to normal except no drl on the front or rear. i can't remember if any lights are on on the rear with the drl on anyone have any insight to why those aren't working now?
  7. Ok thats what I had done. the white wire and the farthest grey wire. i used a 1.5k ohm resistor and there was no change when i flipped the switch. i still have the switch hooked up inline with the white wire A11 on C2 like what was said at the beginning of the topic. hopefully it goes back to normal when i take that out and get it crimped back together
  8. Today i've tried both of the ways that were given. I used a jumper between the white and grey wires on C3 with a switch and 1.5k resistor like what matt had said and nothing happened when the switch was flipped. i've just tried the switch on the white wire on C2 by splicing in the switch and now when the switch is flipped and the dash switch is on O or parking lights only the parking lights are on with the blue highbeam light on in the dash. when the dash switch it moved to the hi/low position the hi/lows come on. i have a 01 sierra 1500 so i'm a little confused how some are getting this t
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