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  1. brandon_guzzo

    Silverado 1500

    Pics of my truck. Its been a work in progress! Vortex V8 4.8 Litre 93 Octane-Remote Start,15% Tint, Bully lighted Hitch Step, Recon Light Bar, Hight Flow Cats, K&N air filter, AirRaid intake Tube, black powder-coated Bowtie, Stainless U Guard Bull Bar, Stainless Billet Grill, Truxedo Lo Pro Tonneau Cover, Bed Rug,Kumho and Winterforce Tires,20-inch chrome rims, Bilstein HD shocks, Diablo Tuned,Sway Bar, Bose Stereo, Molded Fiberglass Running Boards, and Stacked Plate Tranny Cooler, Flow Master Muffler,55 Watt 8000k Lows.
  2. Thats a pretty sick looking truck. Where bouts in ON are you from?

  3. Would a 03 switch work on the 99-02? I would imagine some junk yards would have a few around and the connectors should be similar. Don't quote me but this is a shot in the dark... Unfortunately not. I bought a switch from the junk yard before I did this mod and the connector was different. I wired a connector up that worked with my truck but when I tried the switch it did not work.
  4. No it does not matter where the switch is located. If you do try it again. when you test it put a sheet or something over the photo sensor and let the headlights come on. Once they are on flip the switch you have installed and wait about 30sec for the headlights to go off and the DRL to turn on.
  5. I used the yellow one when I did it so you might be right about the blue taps not cutting into the wire properly.
  6. The issue is in canada this feature does not work and by doing something like this you are able to achieve this feature without hitting the dome button every time you start your truck. I mainly did it to save my HID when I use my car starter in the morning and I like being able to switch between manual and automatic.
  7. No problem glad everything is working again. EDIT: If you try it again with the switch and resistor use the C3 connector (purple) and A4 and A6 wire, I can't see it no working. Good Luck
  8. There is no light that should be on with the DRL in the rear that I know of. Did you check the fuses for the DRL under the hood maybe one of those could have blown. You probably already know this but the truck has to be in R,N,D,1,2,3 not park for the daily running lights to come on and the parking break must NOT be on. Good luck EDIT: I noticed in your post you said C2 connector. Both A4 and A6 wires are located on the C3 connector. So that may be the main problem on why it is not working. Also when you flip the switch there is a 30 second delay before they headlights will turn on or off.
  9. When I did mine I tapped both wires A4 and A6 then I attached one end of the two wires to each end of the resistor. I put the switch inline to open and close the circuit.Mkae sure its the C3 connector (purple connector) Here is a quick diagram kindda choppy but hope it helps. f.tiff f.tiff f.tiff f.tiff
  10. Thats what i was looking for. Ill try that sometime this week if i get a chance. Thanks allot Digging up this older thread. Just wonering how this worked out if you tried it. Thanks for any info because I'm looking fo the same switchable setup. Yes I actually did it this last weekend and it worked perfectly. Matts description is exactly how I did it and I added in the switch so I can still use the Auto feature.
  11. Should depressing the park brake pedal disable them on a 2004? I tried and it won't work for me. I like the auto headlamp feature, I just find it annoying when they come on when I start the truck in the AM. It should work. Try shutting the truck off and putting the parking brake all the way on then restart it to see if the headlights come on. What I finally did was tapped a resistor into the photo cell sensor and put a toggle switch on it so when the toggle switch is toggled on the headlights stay off, but when toggled off they go back to the auto feature.
  12. I have tried that aswell the only problem is the chime goes off every 5 seconds Brandon
  13. Thanks Darral some people are too much. The reason for disabling them at certain times is: 1.) Save my HID Ballast 2.) For Hunting as stated above 3.) For going into camp during the night where houses are close together. 4.) When I come home from work and pull in my driveway so I dont wake the neighbors since their master bedroom is in the front of the house. Need anymore reasons?Let me Know haha Brandon
  14. I left the truck in neutral and blocked the back passenger tire. I like how they look on so I try to leave it on when I take photos. Brandon
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