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  1. No spacers required, can still fit my fingers between the UCA and stock duratracs.
  2. Ended up taking the 3/8” lower spacer out. Now sits with about 1/4” rake. Much better now. side note - only toe needed adjustment. Caster/camber barely moved. Wonder if the new UCA provides some correction?
  3. Your truck looks good! I didn’t add the rear block from the SST, just bought the front level kit. Not looking to go any higher (at least for now). I did see that note about auto 4wd, but if I recall, was only on the SST kit? If this is any issue with the 1.75” level, would ANY level kit experience front diff noise? I may just remove the lower strut spacer and keep the top. Will give it a little bit more time to noodle on it...
  4. Nice kit, however, front sits about 0.5” nose-up now. Only have about 20 miles on it, but figure it would have settled by now. Anyone else have this experience? https://www.readylift.com/2-25-front-leveling-kit-w-control-arms-at4-trail-bossgm-1500-truck-2019.html
  5. Plan is to cut out a section of the front pipe right before the muffler. It should arrive mid next week, so hopefully have some feedback over the weekend. From what I understand, the ATAK is even louder and promotes more rasp. I feel the tone of the S-Type is perfect but needs to be taken down some. Hopefully reduce the obnoxious cold start, decel burbles and helicopter-like noises occasionally observed while cruising under light load
  6. Ha, yup, saw that too. I did speak with a Borla rep this morning. He stated that the S-Type will get louder with time - usually settling in around 1.5k - 2k miles. So next we discussed using a resonator to help quite things down a bit. He agreed it would take it down a notch, so following our conversation, I placed an order for the Borla 401343 universal resonator. Not sure if anyone else has tried it, but will certainly update once installed.
  7. Thanks all for the replies. I really do dig the sound. Suppose I'll give it more time before deciding to make any changes. If I do, perhaps will try a Borla resonator before the muffler to see if this knocks a few dB's off. Guess I was just a little thrown off by the amplitude of the cold start and presence of decel burbles. Whats the general consensus though... Do these systems typically get louder or quieter after break-in?
  8. So I’m sure that this has been touched on before... but just purchased/installed the S-Type system (#140769) and while I am very pleased with it overall, after a little more seat time, have a couple concerns. 1) Cold start is pretty obnoxious. Does tame down after it warms up and RPM’s drop though 2) Not sure if it’s a 10-speed thing - but almost sounds like a Jake Brake during decel when dropping gears coming up to a stop. (Think I got a few looks from other drivers assuming I am revving my engine) Anyway, I had the Touring model on my 2011 and thought it was much too tame. But now kind of wishing I went with it instead of the S-Type in the 2020 TB. Now the question is.... has anyone had the Touring model in both a T1 and GMT900 that can chime in? Any differences? Also, wondering if just the Touring muffler can be purchased from Borla and can be interchanged? Or should I keep the S-Type and put a Borla resonator in-line? Really don’t want to drop another $1200....
  9. Had a few questions for Rough Country so I sent them an email. Never heard anything back after 2+ weeks, so decided to go with the Borla S-Type cat back instead. Just installed the Borla and am quite impressed. Not too loud, but certainly has the right amount of “bite”. Doesn’t overpower and you can tell it was setup/tuned specifically for our trucks. Certainly pleased with my decision.
  10. Thanks for posting Ksalway. This looks and sounds fantastic! 19AT4 might be on to something. It does look very similar to the FM system. Do you notice any drone or unpleasant noises? How’s it sound cruising? Guess I’m between this and the Borla S-type now.
  11. Looks like Rough Country just released a cat-back for the T1 trucks. Black tips would look great on my TB LT, but curious if anyone has experience with RC on the previous gens? Sound? quality? There "own brand"? etc - wonder what it compares to and why is it about 1/3 the cost of a Borla system? https://www.roughcountry.com/chevy-silverado-dual-cat-back-exhaust-96011.html
  12. Yes, but you don't necessarily need to "own" one in order to be able to identify its shortcomings. While it is a step in the right direction and an improvement in most regards over the previous generations, there are still areas where GM falls short. I don't need to own one to know that engine performance of the high volume engine (while I'm sure the 450lb weight reduction helps) is still ~40hp shy of FCA and Ford offerings. I don't need to own one to know that the 6.2L is only offered on the highest level trims. And again, adding insult to injury, requires the extra 60-70 cents per gallon for premium fuel I don't need to own to know that if I wanted a Trailboss and wanted simple things like fog lights or non-plastic steering wheel, I would have to pay at least $6k more to get the LT model. I don't need to own one to know that the interior shows no improvement; in fact, many feel it is a step back. From what I've seen in person, fit and finish along with material choices are not in par with other vehicles in this price range. And as I've said before, my biggest gripe - "I get that you can’t build a truck a la carte, but come on….. Everything is an attempt for GM to push everyone into the higher trim models. Ideal market strategy I know, but with how extreme some of the “nit-picking” is, it makes us wonder if you think your buyers are dumb. Ford and FCA offer A LOT more flexibility" The great thing is, we all have choices. If we are unhappy with a product we can look elsewhere. The criticism and growing competition is what pushes automakers to strive for continuous improvement.
  13. The review may be biased, but I think it hits several issues on point. I currently have a 2011 Silverado Z71 (original owner) w/ LC9 and 6L80e; besides a few minor annoyances, it has been a great truck! I'm a GM guy at heart and really don't want to look anywhere else, however, this new model is a let down on several fronts. I'm in the market to buy a new truck in the next year, and even after really trying to convince myself to stay with this brand, I will most likely look somewhere else. While I understand you can’t satisfy all buyers, there are too many features that could have been improved without “hurting anyone’s feelings”. 1) Engines – while I’m a huge fan of the LS/LT engines, there really is nothing new here. Dynamic Skip Fire does nothing for me. The 6.2L would be great, but is only offered on the highest of trims, and even then, you have to run premium fuel! While maybe I can justify the $60k plus on the truck, adding another 60-70cents per gallon just adds insult to injury. Would like to see the “high-volume” engine (aka 5.3L L84) at least be on par with the current offerings from Ford and FCA – not 40hp behind! Perhaps a 5.7L GenV could get there – or reduce CR and adjust the cal on the 6.2L L87 so that it can run on 87PON. May sacrifice a few ponies, but would surely still be the most powerful V8 in its class. The turbo I4 is another letdown. Performance seems adequate, but will have to work it’s a** off to move this truck with no real gains in fuel economy. How about a turbo I6 gasoline offering? This would surely compete with the ecoboost and with the larger displacement, might actually be able to work less and still retain the fuel economy. 2) Transmissions – you have a GREAT 10speed auto, but only make available to the highest of trims with 6.2L and 3.0L diesel engines. 3) Interior/Ergonomics – while light-years ahead of my current Silverado, it is still not in line with the competition. Heck, it’s going to feel real antiquated once Ford rolls out their new redesign next year. 4) Packaging – this is what really upsets me. I get that you can’t build a truck a la carte, but come on….. Everything is an attempt for GM to push everyone into the higher trim models. Ideal market strategy I know, but with how extreme some of the “nit-picking” is, it makes us wonder if you think your buyers are dumb. Ford and FCA offer A LOT more flexibility. 5) Styling – while totally subjective, I don’t hate the styling. However, as I like the features of the Trailboss, that gloss black grill is too much. Would be a b**** trying to keep that thing clean and looking good after the pummeling it would get from gravel haulers on the expressway. Too much going on with the “fins” as well. 6) Frame Protection – after all these years, is there a better way to protect the frame from the Michigan winters? The wax on my ’11 pretty much fell off after a couple years. I’m sure nothing (at least yet) is of concern structurally, but all the rust on the underside is quite cosmetically off-putting. 7) Colors – I know, I know – not important to many. Is it too much to ask for a simple dark gray color? Why is there so much blue in GM’s shadow gray metallic? In general, it seems this truck was rushed to market. Some major oversights (ie Trailboss with bigger tires sticks with 3.23 rearend) will probably deter some buyers. I’m sure marketing has done their homework, but appears execution is lacking. I, along with many others, hope that many of these items will be addressed during the refresh in a couple years.
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