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  1. Hello everyone, first post here I got a problem a few days ago with the sound on my Silverado 2017 z71 reg cab, the two door speakers just stop working. i checked the Amp fuse and the radio fuse and they are fine. any suggestions? Thank you
  2. Hi all, my 2016 1500 chevy silverado lt had 3 door lock actuators were inoperable or making noise. Common issue,ordered 4 new lock acuators from Gruven parts and put 3 in. They work great but noticed drivers door when opening or closing will not turn on or turn off interior lights and also radio stays on when closing door. Sounds like a bad door switch to me which is in the latch I believe. Thinking I caused the problem since it worked fine before. Went back in the latch and all looks fine. Was hoping to see a gear out of place or something, but looks ok. Anyone have some insight on this. Maybe a door schematic you can share to check the wiring. Thank you in advance
  3. I have a 2010 silverado 2500hd. I am having an issue with the driver door lock, all the other doors lock and unlock just fine. I found a broken wire in the rubber boot between the door and the cab and fix it accordingly. I looked up what fuses if would be and i replaced those, all was well for about a week then I pulled the panel off and put new speakers in and tightened the metal plate behind the door panel. Then it just stopped again. So I pulled the door panel off again and found the wire i had previously fixed was broken again so I pulled the entire harness and soldered the wire. Put everything back together with no luck. Now, the BCM doesnt even recognize the door being open or closed (courtesy lights no longer come on when I open the door.) I bought a new actuator thinking that was the issue plugged it up to test before removing the old one, still no luck. I used a DMM to test for voltage at the connector to the actuator and the connector that goes to the switch. I have a constant 11.4 volts at the switch and at the actuator connector. However, when I push the lock button, the voltage drops anywhere from 1volt to a 11volts. When press the unlock switch the voltage drops maybe a half volt. I was told that the switch is grounding out some where, but i have no idea where that would be, all the wires in the harness appear to be in good condition, I tested the ohms in the harness and everything checks out, no broken wires. I was thinking that maybe the relays in the I/P junction box are going bad, but i really dont know. I can lock and unlock all the doors from the driver switch except the driver door. Doesnt work with the remote either. Does anyone know where or what else I should check? Anyone else ever have this issue, if so, how did you resolve it? Any input or insight is greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  4. I was just driving back from vacation early morning and had my arm on the window and noticed something flapping in the wind. Looked to my passenger side and nothing so then I started looking in the mirror and noticed I had a door pillar cover flapping, particularly when I'd get above 65mph. Brought it to the dealer and when I was there we realized 4 out of the 6 had this problem. Service advisor indicated this was a known issue and its a replacement part with a new design. Was under warranty so I lucked out and got free replacements. The covers are secured by a bolt at the bottom and its the middle or top that flaps. I thought I'd share as I had 4 out that I didn't realize and they must have been doing this for some time. You can easily test by just pushing on it in the middle and top and if there is any give, it probably needs to be replaced. I've seen on other forums some people use silicon to fill it if its out of warranty and it seems to hold.
  5. Just an FYI for an issue I just resolved with my 2 week old 2017 Silverado. Drove off the lot and put on some music that had some mid-range bass and my passenger door speaker was causing a rattle that I wasn't sure if it was the door rattling or a blown speaker but either way it was horrible and needed attention by the dealer. Dropped it off and they pulled the interior panel and added sound proofing tape and wrapped the area they believed was causing the problem. Was in and out in a couple of hours and was covered in full by warranty. Cranking some old hip-hop without any rattle and I'm a happy camper. Dealer said this has been an issue for years and I was able to find a similar thread on a 2014 here... Easy fix...
  6. I was driving through a curve while looking at a bear out my driver side window at 5 mph. The road apparently straighten out but I didn’t. I drove 2 feet off the road and drove up onto an approximately 2 foot tall boulder.... There was a smaller rock directly in front of it to guide my tire up onto it. I immediately felt my front end lifting up and I turned toward the right while applying my brakes. My truck came off the boulder and I “high centered” it on my driver side rocker panel and driver side door. Anyone have experience taking this in for repairs through insurance? The rocker panel is part of the 1 piece cab. Will they need to replace the whole cab, or are there parts they can weld in? What is the damage $? I plan on taking it to my dealership as they have a body shop. I guess I am afraid it may be totaled if it requires a whole cab replacement...
  7. My first post!! I purchased the OPT7 AURA Pro light kit to install on the floor board in my 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali. (Hard to believe a $67,000 truck does not have lights there). Does anyone know which wire from the door that tells the dome light to come on when the door opens? Or have the wiring diagram?
  8. On my 2008 GMC Sierra SLE ext. cab, my “driver door ajar” warning comes on when I put the vehicle into gear. My dome lights turn off and the doors all lock, including the driver door. Would the problem be in the driver door latch? Is there anything else that could cause this issue? Thank you.
  9. Well today while driving down the highway without warning my drivers side window decided to explode for no apparent reason. There was no traffic passing me or passing by in the oncoming lane. The only other vehicle was another car behind me about 75ft or so. Anyone else had this happen please share.
  10. I am looking for a chrome FRONT PASSENGER side exterior door handle for a 2018 Sierra. I am looking for OEM not aftermarket. I really only need the small piece that fits the aft side of the handle so I don’t care if the grab handle part isn’t perfect. Thank you.
  11. 1) The instrument cluster between the tach and speedo resets along with the HUD. This happens quite often, I have owned the truck for a month now and it has done it about 50 times. I did find a service bulletin: #18-NA-324. 2) The movable air control door hidden inside the dash seems like it 'sticks' and won't position itself properly for what is asked from either the touchscreen or manual controls. For instance, when I remote start the defroster is automatically set. That works fine; but in order to get ANY flow to the floor one must first select the combo defrost/middle area to 'unstick' the door. You can literally hear the door unstick and move. You can then select to the floor for air flow and it will work. 3) On a smaller note, the right rear door does close properly; it seems like it rubs on something during the closure process; I'm sure that is just a simple adjustment that I will get done at the dealer during my first service.
  12. I am installing a Kenwood DDX375BT in my 2005 Chevy Suburban Z71 with Bose sound system. I have purchased the PAC RP5-GM11 as my interface for the aftermarket radio. I do not like the chime module that comes with it. Is there a way to install a different chime module or am I stuck with this tinney module?
  13. Newbie Here, Have a 1997 Regular Cab Silverado that I ordered replacement door handles for since the originals had a nice crack right along the lock cylinder. I was able to get the old handles removed and installed, but ran into an issue with one of the clips that attach the rear of the lock cylinder to the lock rod. I thought I could re-use the original, but sure as can be as soon as I got it all put back together and locked the truck a half a dozen times the old retaining clip slid off and now have to unlock the truck from the passenger side. I've attached what the original looked like and what I'm wondering may be a "potential" replacement / upgrade. 1. Anyone know where I can find that replacement clip? Is there some trick to putting it on without bending it? 2. Anyone tried using the plastic style clips here as a replacement and did they hold up ?
  14. Hoping someone can help me find the part number to the rear driver side manual door locking pin/knob for a 2018 Silverado 1500? My buddy and I took apart my door to install subs in my truck and while he was trying to put the door panel back on he broke the lock pin/knob. i been trying to find one online with no luck. Now I’m hoping that if I at least get the part number or a diagram of inside the door somthing will pop up on the internet? i will attach some pictures below of what I need. Thanks!
  15. Hey, so I am trying to replace the speaker wire in my rear door speakers and I cannot get the panel off that is on the column between the front door and rear door. This column panel has the speaker wires running up it into my rear door. How do I remove the panel without breaking the little red Clips inside? Thanks, Hunter
  16. Here's the part number for the metal clips that hold the L shaped interior trim on the door. They need replaced if you end up removing the door panel more than a couple times. The clips are NOT listed on the door parts diagram. $15 for QTY25 on ebay. GM PART: 15748479
  17. I purchased some door edge protection for my 2018 GMC Sierra (Crew / Std Box / 5.3 / 8 Speed) and I was very impressed! I think the finish looks OEM and installation was very easy, only took about 45 minutes (taking my time). I'm hoping they stay on, time will tell, but first impressions are that they look great. I got them on amazon and came as a 32' roll, enough to do the 1 edge of the front doors and 3 edges of the rear doors since there are no corners to break it up. Just wanted to throw it out there so others could do it too, but I think only black would look good. The finish is similar to the door seals, so it blends right in while adding protection! Amazon Link
  18. Hey! As the title states, I have a standard/regular cab 2014 Silverado. I'm looking for a set of new or near new chrome door handles, Key on one or both sides, I guess it doesn't really matter. Would also consider buying a full set of 4 if the price was right, though I only need the two. Thanks for any offers!
  19. For sale are my absolutely pristine Chrome Door Handles off of my 2018 Sierra Denali. They were on the truck for 4 months and about 7k miles and just benefited from being on the truck while it was having a multi-stage paint correction job and ceramic coating applied, meaning the handles have the same coating on them as well. This makes them hydrophobic, UV light/fading resistant and scratch resistant for ~2 years. For $150 Shipped I'll throw in my chrome mirror caps as well [plastic tabs are broken on the Mirror Caps but can be attached just as securely (if not more so) utilizing some 3M double-sided trim tape which I will include] $120 Shipped for just the Chrome Door Handles. PM me or give me a call/text @ 405.642.9097 Thanks! Lance
  20. Recently had someone smash in my driver side locket. Called the dealer for a replacement and they told me it was a 2 hour job and required programming and all that good stuff. Is it a task I can do myself? And does it require programming? Thanks
  21. Members just wanted to pass along another Hot Sale item. Keyless Entry Keypad Here is the information from GM: "This Keyless Entry System features a keypad that allows you to lock/unlock your vehicle using a five-digit PIN rather than a key or a key fob. Must be equipped with factory Remote Keyless Entry." Personal note, after coming from my F150 a few years ago, this is one of the items I personally never realized how much I used until I did not have it. Nice to be able to lock/unlock the truck at times when you don't have your keys handy. Only bad news, this only fits the 2017's and up..... From my understanding, they are trying to see what needs to be done to make them work with the 15 and 16's as well..... Limited time price $92.00 shipped to most places in the US Let me know if anyone is interested. Bobby
  22. Hey fellas I just noticed that my chrome trim is coming loose at the back of both my drivers and passenger front doors. Has anyone else had this happen and if so how the dealership go about the repair? I can just imagine Mr Goodwrench with some super glue in hand. I am thinking that the trim needs to be completely removed / replaced and properly fastened with fresh 3M adhesive or whatever they use to make it stick permanently. Advice?
  23. Any help on this would be much appreciated. My rear speakers in my truck have never worked since I got the truck about a year ago. I am in the military and return from a 30 day deployment and all the sudden my front speakers in my door both don't work either, the only thing that works is my tweeters near the windshield. My first course of action was to check fuses, I replace a fuse that was still good but it just had some corrosion and all the sudden all the speakers work... for 20 min give or take then all 4 door speakers go out at the same time. I have since checked all the fuses and they are good. The following drive the 4 speakers were still out then came back on, it seems if they are mid to high level its almost as if a component is getting too hot therefor shuts down to protect itself then comes back on when able. However I've turned the car off for the night then back on and all 4 are still out so it doesn't have any constants that I can see. I've narrowed it down to the following: head unit, amp, fuse panel/fuse or wiring/wiring harness. I've read on forums to replace the speakers but other than solder I cant see how that would work being that at certain times it works perfectly. THANKS
  24. Hopefully someone on here can help me out. I've tried just about everywhere else and nobody else seems to have this problem. My 2000 Suburban is having problems with it's power door locks. Only the driver's side works. I originally thought it was the actuators, but I replaced the passenger side one and the problem hasn't changed at all. Then I replaced the driver's door control switch, but that didn't help either, although it did fix another one of my problems. It seems like the actuators aren't getting enough power and some only seem to be getting power one way (unlock only), while others make noise both ways. Is there a good way to test the other actuators with a multimeter? I'd replace them all but none seem to come with the extra sensor or whatever it is and I also don't think that's the problem. Thanks for any help.
  25. Does anyone know what the measurements are of the door moldings. I just bought the molding for my WT and it does not have it on there currently. I just want to make sure they look right. I was told 1-2 inches from the door hump, but I would rather have real numbers. If anyone could measure how far from the bottom of the door to the bottom of the trim and then the sides to the side of the door that would be awesome! Thanks in advance!
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