Shelby American has a long history of taking vehicles from Ford and others and turning them into fire-breathing machines with insane power and performance numbers. The shop has massaged several Ford F-150 pickups over the years, and its latest is an overhaul of The Blue Oval’s fourteenth-generation 2021 model.


The Shelby F-150 builds on a 2021 Ford F-150 Lariat 4×4 with a new interior, insane engine upgrades, off-road suspension, and unique appearance components. The trucks start at $107,080 and can climb to $114,980 or more with the available supercharger and other accessories.

Shelby says this is the finest off-road oriented truck based on an F-150 in its history, and the specs – at least on paper – appear to back that up. The “standard” Shelby F-150 sports 395 horsepower, but the company’s optional supercharger pushes that number considerably higher to 775 horsepower.


Underneath, the truck rides on a lifted heavy-duty suspension system with Ford Raptor-style FOX shocks. Shelby says that the shocks feature high-end internal bypass tech and adjustable dual-speed controls that allow the truck to be tuned for the street, rock crawling, or all-purpose off-road fun. The truck’s wheels have been replaced with 22-inch Shelby alloys riding on BFT all-terrain K02 tires.

Shelby doesn’t just toss a boatload of power at a truck and call it a day. Its interior upgrades for the F-150 include two-toned leather upholstery with Shelby emblems, the truck’s official Shelby serial number, and Shelby floor mats. Trucks leave the shop with deep tinted windows and an upgraded ram-air hood.


Perhaps the best part about Shelby is its quality and connection to Ford vehicles. Buying one of these trucks does not mean you’re getting a bootlegged performance build with no protection. The shop offers a three-year/36,000-mile limited warranty on these monsters, so you can put them to full use without much worry about something breaking – at least for a while.