The Chevrolet Blazer EV SS will debut later this year.

General Motors is back with another EV teaser, this time from Chevrolet. The Blazer SS is coming next year as an electric SUV, though Chevy’s tease is extremely thin on details.

The teaser video is just that – a teaser. It doesn’t show much of the new SUV, other than its charging port, wheels, and name. The SS moniker is applied to high-performance variants of cars like the Camaro, but it’s unclear if Chevy plans on building a more pedestrian version of the vehicle.

The Blazer SS tease joins a long list of new and upcoming EVs from General Motors. The GMC Hummer EV is hitting customers’ driveways, the Silverado EV is due next year, and a GMC Sierra EV won’t be far behind it. While those EVs use GM’s Ultium platform, it’s unclear at this point if the Blazer will follow suit. Chevy says the Blazer SS will land on dealer’s lots in spring 2023.