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Tehachapi Willow Springs Crash


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Ravenkeeper's 2015 Silverado LTZ Z71 (Black) w/ Off-Road Package

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16 hours ago, swathdiver said:

That's too bad, I hope everyone was ok.

We are.  I got the worst of it, broken foot, and the rest of my family has/had seatbelt bruising.  The other guy was “ran off the road” by a moron passing us and the truck in front of us, going into a blind curve, over a hill.  He then lost control on the dirt shoulder by over correcting, re-enterred the road, airborn, watched his front wheels flip from left (to get on the road) to full right.  EMTs were saying that he was dead on impact.  The moron is still out there somewhere.  The truck in front of us couldn’t keep up with him, trying to get more information to give CHP.  He was overheard saying that the moron was doing more than 100MPH.

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I'm sorry to hear that.  I've had one of those dash cams sitting on my Amazon wish list for some time now, maybe it's time to get one.  Might help catch the perp.  We'll pray for your recovery and your family and for the other fella's loved ones.

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Wow. Glad your alright. Sad to hear about the Toyota. 
Why the hell does the desert news print names like that? I mean, cripes, ok maybe the dude that passed.... but no need for everyone's info.

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UPDATE:  They tracked down the moron that caused the wreck, now we're waiting for the accident report to get done with its run through the CHP gambit to be released publicly, so we can sue the moron and his insurance.

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