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  1. Already went through similar issue with my ride. Contacted GM customer service and got a real nice lady on the line. The conversation took awhile. End results where all dealers are privately owned. Had the CAI filter been purchased through a GM accessories dealer GM could make them cover these cost. Mine too purchased from shopchevyparts.com which is GM parts wholesaler. The dealerships in my town charged $60.00 and they installed filter also. They said what was paid for in price of filter was tech line charges for programming updates fee specifically for your VIN #/program
  2. My 19 Denali has this same roof pop. When I first heard it and investigated sound. I wondered why a engineer would put plastic/ABS spoiler on steel/thin steel roof. Not aluminum!!! The expansion rates between the two is substantial. Mine has been much quieter throughout the winter but warmer weather coming back so is the acorn smacking roof noise returning.
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