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  1. Have checked engine oil? Any coolant? Pull lower hose use a flash light look up pump for debris
  2. Run it with the overflow cap (in driveway) and wait for thermostat to open the waterpump will push water up into and out of over flow and remove air pockets. Burp the system. If this doesn't happen you have blockage or a bad water pump. All in all your temp is good
  3. When ordering how important is it to have the correct vin# ? Why do they need it. From what I read its plug and go. Shoupnt they just need miles and hours
  4. I would like to know the same. 2004 GMC Sierra 5.3l 2WD.
  5. Throttle Body Cleaning

    Yes opened up used a toothbrush and shop towel. Cleaned as much as I could reach . runs so much better and it wasn't all to bad compared to what I have seen.
  6. Wow what a difference it made. I did MAF and TBC AMD picked up some power. Before After Running some seafoam through then oil and plug change. Almost 300k and running like a beast!
  7. Yeah noticed that. Does anyone recommended oil water separator. I have about 250k on it. Runs good, do all required maintenance on time.
  8. Sweet. Thanks now I know what it is. Couldn't find the PVC valve. Gonna look again.
  9. Next to the master cylinder? Is it a oil water separator? Looks stock. 5.3 SLE Thanks

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